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Fengshen tire develops new specification all steel engineering radial tire

recently, Fengshen Tire Co., Ltd. successfully produced 650/65r25 E-3/a2259 all steel wire engineering radial tire

the tires of this specification are mainly assembled on construction machinery vehicles such as articulated dump trucks, and can also be used for loading and carrying operations at the same time. The tire of this specification adopts E-3/a2259 block pattern, which has strong traction, trafficability and operational stability during operation. In particular, the generation of vibration will have an impact on the experimental data. It has good buoyancy, mud discharge and anti sideslip performance when working on soft soil. The tread rubber adopts special standard formula to prolong the service life of the tire High temperature air may trigger a fire alarm, which may solve the problem by meeting the requirements of tire wear and puncture resistance during operation

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