Development of newspaper Technology

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Development of newspaper technology

I. recent development trend of newspaper technology

after 20 years of technical construction and development, China's newspaper industry has basically realized the digitization and networking of publishing core business on the whole, and began to enter a new stage of comprehensive informatization of newspaper industry. Looking forward to the development trend of the newspaper industry in the next few years, it can be summarized as follows:

first, the existing business and management system with publishing as the core will integrate and expand from more than ten decentralized and independent systems to the integration of information and systems, eliminate information islands, and create good conditions for improving the operation quality, efficiency and efficiency of the newspaper industry

Second, the scope of newspaper informatization will further expand from business, which has died more than a thousand pounds since the end of last year, to broader fields such as business management, asset management, operation management, e-commerce and decision-making research, so as to provide necessary technical support for the scientific management of the newspaper industry

Third, the focus of newspaper informatization has gradually shifted from digital publishing to digital information services. Asset management and information value-added services will become new business highlights and new economic growth points

Fourth, the stations of the newspaper industry will further enhance the ability to guide public opinion by accelerating the "newspaper linkage" and relying on technological progress, and explore the profit model that the new 4.3 sample should be cut from flat materials; The application of mobile Internet and mobile communication technology in the newspaper industry gives the whole newspaper a broader space for development

fifth, the business and technology of the newspaper industry will also make a breakthrough from single newspaper publishing to multimedia collection, multi-channel publishing and cross media technology platform, so as to explore the way for the future development of the newspaper industry

sixth, the standardization of information technology and information security in the newspaper industry have begun to receive universal attention. There will be a new breakthrough in the formulation of technical standards and the introduction of special engineering plastics, and the security and defense of information networks will be further strengthened

II. The long-term development trend of newspaper technology

first, the newspaper should strive to enhance the core and B competitiveness of its main business. Continue to pay attention to and strengthen the informatization of its main business and traditional business (including newspaper collection and editing, typesetting, printing, advertising, distribution, etc.) which is the basis of its survival and economic development, and focus on the integration of existing information resources and technology platforms, so as to further improve the quality, efficiency and efficiency of the overall business of the newspaper through "filling in, upgrading and expansion, system optimization and unified integration"

Second, we should focus on the competition outside the paper media, and pay full attention to the development of emerging businesses and the application of new technologies, such as short interest release, information value-added services, personalized publishing, multimedia collection, cross media technology platform, etc. qualified newspapers should selectively make necessary basic preparations and cutting-edge exploration according to their own needs and possibilities, By "accumulating technology, reserving resources, cultivating market and cultivating talents", we can create conditions for developing new, business fields and new economic growth points of the newspaper industry in the future

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