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Decisive battle with SaaS Jianghu 800 new CRM second kill salesforce

ctiforum news on October 30 (Yang Yi): in recent years, with the rise of cloud computing mode and the acceleration of enterprise informatization process, SaaS enterprise management software delivered through the Internet has gradually become popular and developed rapidly. Especially in the field of CRM, the success of salesforce has aroused an upsurge in the industry. More and more service providers have entered the market, which makes the market heat up rapidly and the competition is escalating

recently, the launch of the new version of 800 customer CRM is even more pressing on salesforce in terms of product functions. Is this a direct challenge from 800 customers to salesfoece? As we all know, 800 customers have a deep relationship with salesforce. Salesforce is the founder of the global SaaS business model, and 800 customers are the flag bearer in the domestic SaaS field. In August 2011, salesforce raised funds for 800 customers. However, due to the very similar product and service modes and fierce competition between the two companies, this has formed a unique phenomenon in the SaaS industry, which we can call a close enemy

If salesforce is the overlord in the field of SaaS abroad, 800 customers are the king in the domestic CRM market. Since its development, 800 customers have won the first CRM market share for eight consecutive years, firmly sitting on the throne of the industry leader. At the same time, the customer group of 800 customers is also increasing in large quantities. In order to better meet the needs of customers, help customers obtain more practical functions, enhance the ability of enterprise sales management and save costs, 800 customers released a new version of CRM products and grandly launched the application store. This product strategy directly attacks salesforce, because salesforce is also planning its product line after this annual meeting. In addition to improving CRM product functions, it also makes efforts to build PAAS platform and establish enterprise application store. It seems that 800 customers and salesforce have been upgraded from frequent secret war to positive confrontation

800 customers show their product advantages, killing salesforce

it is understood that salesforce released its product lines with social networking as the core at the annual meeting in September this year: Sales cloud supporting sales function, service cloud for customer service, marketing cloud for managing marketing solutions, enterprise Dropbox chatterbox for collaborative office, enterprise internal management tools, And the salesforce platform that supports the stress testing machine to detect large compressive strength and third-party developers to develop various enterprise applications for salesforce. Salesforce's new product architecture attempts to integrate everything into the information flow of social networks. In addition, salesforce is also committed to building an enterprise application store where any salesforce customer can download the third-party enterprise applications they need

in view of salesforce's product strategy, 800 customers are pressed step by step. They not only launch a new version of CRM, add new functions such as sales target management, approval process optimization, offline briefcase, file permissions of social networking, webapi suite and so on, but also force the construction of PAAS platform and grandly launch the management software application store. The 800 app store is the application library of SaaS cloud services. Its products have been integrated with 800app products, including Jingwei business card, social enterprise, call center, enterprise suite, Baidu business bridge, attendance machine, customer service, etc. It aims to provide rich and one-stop application services for the majority of enterprises

Li Zhi, CEO of 800 customers, said that in the domestic market, 800 customers' products have high cost performance and obvious advantages compared with salesforce. At the product function level, 800 customer CRM has rich functions, is simple and easy to use, and integrates enterprise social elements to form a new generation of social CRM products. 800app-crm system provides social enterprise module, and users can track personnel or projects. Because the CRM system collects a large number of data information such as personnel, customers, clues and business opportunities, it is difficult to pay attention to the progress of a customer in the massive data. At this time, we use social enterprises to let business personnel or managers pay attention to key contacts and key business opportunities, similar to the attention of microblog and SNS. Now 800 customers' products have been integrated with sina Weibo and Tencent Weibo, and users can understand customer dynamics at any time. Compared with salesforce's social products, such social CRM is more in line with the usage habits of domestic users

Secondly, it can quickly build customized products and services for enterprises, which can be customized to their customers. 800 customer CRM is an open system, which provides rich APIs and can seamlessly integrate third-party software, such as OA, ERP, call center, customer service, etc. Many integrated products can be seen in the app store of 800 customers. These applications are more localized and practical than the third-party applications of salesforce. Moreover, 800 customers today is an industry initiative promoted by the National Association of chemical manufacturers (AICM). In this year, it also focuses on the development of mobile office and launched mobile CRM. Users can access the business data in CRM through mobile terminals such as computers and tablets, so as to realize mobile office anytime and anywhere and quickly process the internal business of the enterprise. It is very convenient

ensure data security and be the king of cost performance

at the level of product function, 800 customers win salesforce, while 800 customers have more obvious advantages in product price, network access speed, data security, service quality, etc. Li Zhi, CEO of 800 customers, said that only local SaaS enterprises can truly understand the needs of domestic users and their psychology and behavior. Through the accurate grasp of the business, 800 customers have made corresponding matching services, thus forming the industry advantages of local enterprises. In terms of price and data security, domestic enterprises also have great advantages, so as to form competitiveness

price is a sensitive topic for small and medium-sized enterprises. Due to the limited funds of small and medium-sized enterprises, they can not bear the huge investment in information construction. Therefore, although salesforce's products are very good, the high price still discourages small and medium-sized enterprises. The 800 customers were born in China and knew the national conditions well. According to the actual needs of different users, they launched different versions of 0.120 yuan. With the help of the free trial function of SaaS, they perfectly reflected the product value of CRM

data security is also the most concerned aspect of users. If the data is not guaranteed, no matter how powerful the system function is, it will not be adopted by users. For example, the data center of salesforce is abroad. If there are natural disasters such as earthquake and tsunami, the data security of domestic users will be threatened. 800 customers are different. As a local enterprise, it adopts a server cluster covering the whole country to ensure the data security of customers. Moreover, in terms of software security, 800 customers have adopted dozens of encryption technologies such as international standard asynchronous remote redundant data backup plan, SSL encrypted network transmission, client U shield hardware encryption lock, e-mail encryption channel and URL random code, so that users' data security is not threatened. In addition, 800 customers' products have fast access speed, their use habits are closer to domestic users, and their product functions are closer to and more localized with Chinese people

as a leading cloud computing service provider cultivated by Chinese soil, will the competition between 800 customers and salesforce product upgrading become the fuse and trigger a war between Chinese and foreign SaaS software manufacturers? At present, China's management software market continues to heat up, SaaS market competition is also escalating, and the competition among peer manufacturers is becoming increasingly fierce. The war seems inevitable, but we should treat it more rationally. Although the fierce competition will bring pressure and challenges to software manufacturers, it is of great significance to accelerate the integration and upgrading of the industry. On the one hand, it will promote SaaS manufacturers to improve their products, solutions, services and business models, so as to form their own characteristics and competitiveness. On the other hand, the emergence of more excellent products will bring new experience to users and accelerate the popularization of the informatization process of small and medium-sized enterprises in China


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