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Declaration of war haze "ghost" Shandong temporary work practices the concept of environmental protection

declaration of war haze "ghost" Shandong temporary work practices the concept of environmental protection

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on March 5, Premier Li Keqiang stressed to fight a tough battle for energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental governance when talking about "continuously promoting the improvement of people's livelihood and social construction" in his government work report. Premier Li Keqiang pointed out that this year, the intensity of carbon dioxide emissions should be reduced by more than 3.1%, the emissions of chemical oxygen demand and ammonia nitrogen should be reduced by about 2%, and the emissions of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides should be reduced by about 3% and 5% respectively. In the government work report, the specific remediation objectives for air governance are put forward, which shows that the government attaches importance to air pollution. At present, air pollution has become the focus of the whole society, especially after the in-depth investigation of haze documentary "under the dome" triggered extensive discussion in the society. When we really focus on the measures to solve air pollution, we can find that many enterprises have already worked silently in the field of environmental protection. Shandong Lingong is an enterprise that has long practiced the concept of environmental protection in the construction machinery industry and contributed to reducing carbon emissions with practical actions

relevant surveys show that in addition to coal combustion, the use of diesel is also an important source of air pollution. It is understood that in the country's total diesel consumption of more than 150 million tons per year, about 20% is used for all kinds of non road mobile machinery, and construction machinery is a major energy consumer. As a sensitive corporate citizen, Shandong Lingong realized the importance of construction machinery products for environmental protection. In 2012, Shandong Lingong joined hands with the World Wide Fund for nature (WWF) to join the ranks of carbon emission reduction pioneers, becoming the first construction machinery enterprise in China to sign up to join the global "carbon emission reduction pioneer". "Carbon emission reduction pioneer" action is a cooperation project between WWF and industry-leading enterprises. The goal is to promote enterprises to voluntarily implement further energy conservation and carbon dioxide emission reduction. This cooperation project provides a strong solution to deal with climate change. After signing the WWF, Shandong Linyi promised to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 1.65 million tons with 30 finished products of the same type as a batch of workers. At the beginning of 2015, Shandong Lingong signed another contract with WWF and promised to make more contributions to the protection of the world's natural environment

Shandong Lingong signed a contract to join the global "carbon emission reduction pioneer"

according to the data provided by "under the dome", the nitrogen oxide emission from diesel vehicles accounts for 70% of all motor vehicles, the emission of disposable particulate matter accounts for 99%, and the nitropolycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons emitted by diesel vehicles are highly carcinogenic. For construction machinery that uses a large number of diesel engines, the new type of recycled plastic granulator is continuously optimized and updated, and there are two ways to reduce the emission of pollutants. One is to save energy and reduce consumption and reduce the combustion of diesel. Second, reduce exhaust emissions through the use of engines with high emission standards and other measures

it can be said that the research and development of energy-saving and environmental protection products is the key for construction machinery to contribute to the control of smog. Shandong Lingong has already taken precautions to carry out the research and development of energy-saving products. Taking loaders as an example, Shandong Lingong first carried out technical research on energy conservation and emission reduction in the construction machinery industry, and undertook the development of the Shandong provincial scientific development plan project "energy-saving lg953l loader", realizing energy conservation of more than 10%. Through the research, development and integrated application of three energy-saving technologies, including electronic control thermal energy management module, graded variable steering system and small resistance lightweight shovel in mechanism, the lg953n loader, the second generation of energy-saving technology product of Shandong Lingong, can save energy by 20%. At present, the third-generation energy-saving technology products of Shandong Lingong have been mature, and the products are expected to save energy by 30%, which will be put on the market soon. Shandong Lingong has fully entered the research and development of the fourth generation energy-saving technology

Shandong Lingong energy saving product lg953n press conference

as an enterprise that carried out the research and development of LNG loaders earlier in the loader industry, Shandong Lingong, but at the same time, we need to ensure that the LNG loaders safely produced by users can save about 40% energy. Shandong Lingong LNG loaders have been highly recognized by the industry and the market. According to the company's strategic plan, the design of Shandong Lingong's full range of products will be finalized by the end of 2015. At that time, the energy conservation and emission reduction level of Shandong Lingong's products will reach a higher level

in the face of the "ghost" of haze over the city, every individual has no choice but to fight it. Shandong Lingong has been ready to fight against the haze. In the future, Shandong Lingong will adhere to the sustainable development strategy of "energy conservation and high efficiency", continue to increase R & D investment in the field of energy conservation, help build "golden mountain and silver mountain" and retain "green water and green mountains"


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