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According to the schedule, the National Bureau of statistics will release heavy data such as gross domestic product (GDP) in 2016. According to official forecasts, China's total economy will exceed the 70 trillion yuan mark in 2016. It is expected that the annual GDP growth rate will be about 6.7%, and the economy will continue to operate within a reasonable range

According to the data of the National Bureau of statistics, GDP in the first three quarters of 2016 increased by 6.7% year-on-year, including 6.7% in the first, second and third quarters. The "report card" of economic growth in 2016 has attracted much attention

for the economic growth in 2016, the market generally expects the growth rate to be about 6.7%. Among them, the 2017 economic blue book released by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences believes that employment and prices will remain basically stable in 2016, and China's economy can achieve the economic growth target expected at the beginning of the year, with an annual growth of about 6.7%

Xu Shaoshi, director of the national development and Reform Commission, also revealed at the press conference of the State Information Office recently that the supply side structural reform was carried out in an orderly manner in 2016, and the key task of "three going, one reducing and one compensating" achieved preliminary results. The GDP growth rate in the first quarter, the second quarter and the third quarter was 6.7%, and it is expected to be about 6.7% for the whole year

in terms of economic aggregate, China's economy is likely to reach a new level, reaching the 70 trillion yuan mark. Xu Shaoshi predicts that the total economic volume in 2016 will exceed 70 trillion yuan, with an increase of about 5 trillion yuan. This increase is basically equivalent to the 10% annual growth five years ago, which is equivalent to China's total economic volume in 1994. It is also outstanding among the world's major economies

at present, some 2016 annual data have been disclosed. Data show that more than 13 million new jobs have been created in cities and towns; The consumer price index (CPI) rose by 2.0% in the whole year, achieving the price control target of about 3% in the whole year. Imports and exports stabilized quarter by quarter, and both imports and exports achieved positive growth in the fourth quarter

Cao Heping, a professor at the school of economics of Peking University, said that the "black swan" incident in 2016 continued to occur, but many indicators of China's economy have rebounded since the fourth quarter. It is expected that the economic growth rate in the fourth quarter will not be less than 6.7%, and the annual economic target can be well achieved, which also means that the 13th five year plan will usher in a good start

China's economy is expected to continue to operate stably in 2017

for the trend of China's economy in 2017, the analysis believes that there are many uncertainties in the environment faced by China's economy in 2017, but it is still expected to maintain the trend of seeking progress while maintaining stability and there will be no "hard landing"

Xu Shaoshi pointed out that the internal and external environment for economic development in 2017 was still complex and severe. On the whole, the world economy recovered slowly, but uncertain and unstable factors increased significantly. Although the domestic economy tends to be stable and stable, it still faces some prominent contradictions and problems

"however, China has the confidence, conditions and ability to ensure that the economy operates within a reasonable range." Xu Shaoshi said that the outside world said that China's economic "collapse mode" decline and "hard landing" are inevitable, and these predictions and predictions will fail

"the potential growth capacity of China's economy is still great, and the important thing is to improve the quality of growth." Lian Ping, chief economist of Bank of communications, said that if the external demand environment improves, the real estate market operates stably and private investment picks up in 2017, China's economic growth is expected to be higher than 6.5% in 2017

Cao Heping believes that in the first half of 2017, China's economy may continue the steady and positive trend since the fourth quarter. The forum will be the top event in the international high-performance plastic manufacturing industry. This year, China needs to further promote supply side structural reform, focus on preventing various risks such as finance, and strive to boost the real economy and continue to improve the stability of economic operation through measures such as tax reduction and burden reduction

at present, some international institutions are also optimistic about China's economic trend in the future. According to the world economic situation and outlook 2017 recently released by the United Nations, China's economy showed stable growth in 2016, alleviating concerns that its growth will slow sharply in the short term. Driven by sound domestic demand and supportive fiscal measures, China's economy is expected to grow by 6.5% per year in 2017, the same as 201

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