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Honeywell appoints Shen bin as president of Honeywell China on May 3, 2018, Honeywell (NYSE: HON) announced the appointment of Shen bin as president of Honeywell China, which took effect on May 7. Shen bin directly reports to shendali, President of Honeywell global high growth region

in the past 10 years, we have witnessed the rapid development of China's economy. In 2013, China became the largest market outside Honeywell's U.S. market. In 2017, Honeywell's revenue in China increased by 25% year-on-year. Looking forward to the next 10 years, Honeywell's strategy is highly consistent with China's macro development trends, such as digital economy and beautiful China, said Shen Dali

Honeywell is committed to long-term development in China, and we cherish the development opportunities in China. Shen Bin's rich experience in the field of Internet and digital economy will help Honeywell develop into a leading Internet industrial enterprise in the Chinese market, said Shen Dali

Shen bin has rich experience in business portfolio transformation, formulating and implementing effective strategies while meeting customer needs and ensuring supply, new product experience design, and seizing growth opportunities. He has first-line leadership experience in digital product development, mergers and acquisitions, establishing ecosystem partnerships, venture capital and incubation, and data analysis and marketing across software, hardware and services. Shen Bin's career management background reflects Honeywell's commitment to becoming a global strategic focus of the world's leading Internet industrial enterprise

before joining Honeywell, Shen bin served as vice president of corporate strategy and new business development at Verizon communications, and worked in Palo Alto, California. Prior to that, his positions included vice president and general manager of Marvell, vice president and general manager of Motorola mobility in Beijing, vice president of product management and development of sprint Nextel, and strategy and value management manager of Deloitte Consulting/Braxton associates. Throughout his career, Shen bin has maintained close ties with many industries in China

Shen bin holds an MBA from the University of Rochester and a bachelor's degree in finance from Golden Gate University. He also studied electrical engineering at Shanghai Jiaotong University

at present, Honeywell China is the market with the largest contribution to the company's global growth. Honeywell's four business groups have all settled in China. Shanghai is the headquarters of Honeywell in the Asia Pacific region. At the same time, it has set up a number of branches and joint ventures in more than 30 cities in China. Honeywell has about 13000 employees in China. The new material industry has ushered in a historic development opportunity, of which 20% are R & D personnel

about Honeywell

Honeywell () is an Internet industrial enterprise that is one of the fortune 100 in the United States. It provides professional industry solutions for global customers, covering aviation and automotive products and services, building, residential and industrial control technologies, and characteristic materials. From aircraft, automobiles, residences, buildings, manufacturing plants, supply chains to workers, our technology is committed to the interconnection of all things to create a smarter, safer and more sustainable world. Honeywell's history in China can be traced back to 1935. At that time, Honeywell opened its first Distribution Agency in Shanghai. At present, Honeywell's four major business groups have all settled in China, and its Asia Pacific headquarters of all business departments have also moved to China due to the easy aggregation of nano crystal rods, and has set up a number of branches and joint ventures in more than 30 cities in China. Honeywell has about 13000 employees in China

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