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Honeywell Automation Industry Application Award solicitation

Honeywell is a diversified multinational company that occupies a leading position in the world in technology and manufacturing. It provides customers with products, technologies and services in four business areas in 95 countries around the world: aerospace, automatic control, special materials, and transportation systems

Honeywell has been operating in China for nearly 80 years since 1935. Today, Honeywell's four strategic business groups have all settled in China, and have actively participated in China's economic construction through its China investment holding company and its 23 joint ventures and wholly-owned enterprises. Honeywell has set up subsidiaries, offices and R & D centers in 13 cities in China, with a total of nearly 8000 employees in China

Honeywell has always been concerned about the development of China's automation industry. Honeywell sincerely grows together with Chinese customers. In order to thank the vast number of users for their long-term support for Honeywell, promote technical exchanges, and understand the latest industry trends, Honeywell process control department specially holds an annual Application Award solicitation in the automation industry. We sincerely look forward to the contributions from users, system integrators, design institutes and research institutions. Actively participate and share your application and successful experience with you! Rich prizes are waiting for you

the specific methods for soliciting papers are as follows:

through strict process discipline 1. deadline: September 15, 2009

2. theme:

application cases of Honeywell automation system in various industries, including the application of the new generation process knowledge system (Experion PKS) in energy, power, pulp and paper, petrochemical industry, oil and gas, iron and steel, metallurgy Solutions and related applications in mining and other industries

tps/scada application cases in various industrial industries

application cases of Honeywell and Honeywell enlafu tank farm automation solutions

quality control system (QCS), paper disease detection system (WIS), continuous thickness inspection price rise and rise again and automatic control system (CWS) application and solutions in pulp, paper and related industries

high-tech solutions, Including the application cases of APC, MES, uniformity, OTs and other solutions in various industries

the use experience, experience and difficulties of automation solutions in various enterprises

the application of Honeywell HC900 in the industry

the development trend of relevant industries combined with the development of distributed control system (DCS)

Honeywell's experience and feelings on after-sales service

3. manuscript content requirements

in order to unify the format, the application case application manuscript must include the following contents:

Title: simple and clear, focused, relevant content and clear application background; For example, the abstract and key words of Honeywell's Experion PKS in the petrochemical industry. More information: the main products of Shandong Sida hi tech mechanical equipment Co., Ltd.: friction and wear testing machine electronic/hydraulic universal testing machine/tensile testing machine/fatigue testing machine/change testing machine, between 50 words, accurately and concisely reflect the research content of the manuscript, with 3-5 key words

process description, system and functional requirements (including key points and difficulties of the project)

Honeywell's solution (provide the system structure diagram of the solution, relevant product pictures and functional descriptions)

application summary (the benefits brought to customers after the implementation of the solution)

the number of words of the manuscript should be more than 2500, with pictures and texts. In order to facilitate review, revision and publication, it is hoped that the contributions will be in electronic document format

if there is English in the chart, try to translate it into Chinese. The letters in foreign languages shall be in case, and the physical quantities shall be in italics. The units of measurement in texts and charts shall use the unified standards and unit symbols published by the state

provide necessary references and mark them in the text

give a brief introduction of the author, including: name, gender, date of birth, affiliated unit, professional and technical title, graduation school and major, and current research work

if the solicitation has been published in other public publications, please make special notes

4. reward method:

we will invite industry experts to review the contributions. The winning authors will have the opportunity to win the following prizes:

first prize, 1 award-winning certificate, 1 brand 3G laptop, 3 award-winning certificates, 1 fashion 1

third prize, 5 award-winning certificates, 1 digital camera, 10 excellent awards, and 1

award-winning paper will also be recommended to professional journals Published on the industry station and Honeywell user journals

5. submission method: please indicate the name of the contributor, company name, company, mailing address, postal code, e-mail, etc., and indicate the words "solicitation". Please email the article to ng@ or mail it to the following address before September 15, 2009:

address: Ms. Yang Fan, Honeywell Beijing office, 17th floor, block B, Pengrun building, No. 26, Xiaoyun Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

postal code: 100125

: (8610)

Fax: (8610)


email: ng@

if you do not receive confirmation after sending the manuscript for two weeks, please call us at the above address, So as to confirm whether we have received your manuscript

the deadline for this activity is September 15, 2009. The list of winners will be announced at the station on october15,2009, and the prizes will be sent out at the same time

Honeywell reserves the right of final interpretation of this activity

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