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Since the 14th century, walnut with unique style has been widely used to make furniture in European countries. As the best wood in walnut, black walnut furniture reflects a kind of low-key nobility and introverted luxury

if red sandalwood and yellow pear are the symbols of Oriental culture, then black walnut represents Western civilization

since the 14th century, walnut with unique style has been widely used in European countries to make furniture, and black walnut, as the best wood among walnut, reflects a low-key noble, introverted luxury. With the arrival of the wave of consumption upgrading, black walnut is very popular in the Chinese market and shines brightly in the field of high-end solid wood

characteristics of wood

family is black walnut, scientific name is black walnut, alias is American black walnut, domestic more known as North American black walnut, known as the king of American hardwood, is the wood of Walnut in walnut family, this genus has 15 kinds of wood, which is in the same line with black walnut. Except for the light material and color, its industrial use is the same as black walnut

the origin is widely distributed in Central America, North America, Europe and East Asia, with California in North America being the most expensive

the difference between heartwood and sapwood is obvious. Heartwood is purple brown to dark brown, with black fine stripes, and sapwood is yellowish white; The texture is straight, often with wavy or curved wood grain; The structure is coarse and uniform; Soft luster; Air dry density 0.56~0.67g/cm3

manufacturing process

black walnut has a very small shrinkage, can adapt to the changing climatic environment, and has excellent processing performance and stability. It is suitable for mortise and tenon manufacturing processes with different strengths. If the furniture adopts a shoulder structure, all kinds of stringing of horizontal and vertical legs can achieve a plump and flexible effect

however, black walnut wood has complex structure, hard texture and slow drying. The biggest test in manufacturing is drying. Once the drying process is unreasonable or the drying standard is too hard, it will lead to surface cracks, internal cracks and other drying defects

warm tips in the drying process, pay attention to observe the wood in the kiln more, adjust the drying process in time, slow down the drying speed in the later stage of drying, and observe the test plate by stages, which can prevent the occurrence of surface cracks and internal cracks

furniture style

since the 18th century, European noble carriages have been inlaid with black walnuts as interiors. Now black walnuts are still a symbol of dignity and prominence, and are mainly used in high-end furniture, cabinets, floors, gun butts, high-end car and yacht interiors, high-end handicrafts, etc

nowadays, black walnut furniture takes the simple style of northern Europe as the mainstream, and most of them are simple, modern, practical and exquisite design styles, showing dignity and elegance

painting process

black walnut is a dark wood, with clear texture and shallow conduit. It is most suitable for full open and semi open painting effects. The colors are mainly log color and coffee color, showing the effect of log style, which perfectly reflects the unique texture and natural beauty of wood, and represents a light luxury fashion

the natural color of wood wax oil and the open coating process can show the best effect of log style

this process uses a series of products of Zhenjin wood wax oil to replace the traditional paint. The vegetable oil in the wood wax oil can effectively dissolve into the wood, moisturize and maintain the wood, and perfectly show the natural texture of black walnuts and beautiful mountain patterns; The wax component is firmly combined with wood fiber to prevent liquid water from penetrating into the wood and increase the hardness and smoothness of the wood surface; At the same time, a transparent, delicate and three-dimensional coating is formed, presenting the low-key, luxurious, noble and unassuming Western aristocratic style of black walnut elegantly

wood wax oil natural color open coating process: 3 days and 3 steps

process operation reminder

1. Sanding: sanding the wood with 280 #/400 #/600 # sandpaper successively until the surface is flat and smooth. The finer and smoother the wood surface, the better the effect of wood wax oil, and also save wood wax oil

2. Hole filling: nail holes, knots and holes shall be repaired with transparent or same color putty until smooth, and polished

3. Rubbing treatment: use cotton cloth, bristle brush, roller and other tools to rub the paint evenly along the direction of wood grain. After slightly drying, if there is uneven paint on the surface, wipe it off with clean cotton cloth to make the painted surface smooth; The primer can be rubbed once or twice according to the actual situation

4. Gloss treatment: after 6 hours of surface drying, it can be gently polished with a cleaning cloth to achieve a better gloss effect. It is recommended that the curing period be 48 hours

the effect of log style pursues natural neutral color. The performance of natural texture does not mean that coloring is not necessary. On the contrary, the requirements for color are quite high

pu Jingwei open coating process through the bottom rubbing color and surface finishing color process, the color hierarchy of wood is richer. The supporting use of Jingwei open transparent primer and matte clear finish paint has a fresh smell, excellent opening effect, fine hand feel of the paint film, excellent fullness and high transparency, showing the ultimate effect of "there is no paint in appearance, but there is paint in reality", Make black walnut "dark, noble, strange, luxurious" temperament jump in front of you

pu Jingwei open coating process: only 2 days and 4 steps

▲ blank coloring effect

process operation reminder

1. Primer and topcoat should be prepared according to the proportion of use. If the concentration is too high, the paint film will be too thick, and the opening effect will be poor

2. The concentration of the toner should not be too thick. Too thick will produce uneven colors and poor color leveling. You can achieve a rich sense of hierarchy through multiple shallow repairs at low concentration

3. It is suggested that the construction temperature should be in the range of 25~35 ℃ and the humidity should be within 75%

log style is more suitable for people's pursuit of returning to nature and quality home life. The super environmental protection of the above two processes echoes this. Wood wax oil is mainly made of natural materials, and no benzene, zero formaldehyde and zero CAC are contained in the pure flavor upgrading series products, which conforms to the environmental protection demand and trend





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