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On May 10, 2014, the tupley wallpaper team set out and rushed into the 2014 Spring Beijing international long walk Festival and the 20th Fangshan tourism and Culture Festival

on May 10, 2014, the tepli wallpaper team set out and rushed into the 2014 Spring Beijing international long walk Festival and the 20th Fangshan tourism and Culture Festival. The Beijing international long walk Festival is hosted by the Beijing Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League, the Beijing Youth Federation, the Beijing Student Federation, the Beijing Municipal Tourism Development Commission, the Foreign Affairs Office of the Beijing Municipal People's government, the Beijing Investment Promotion Bureau, the Beijing hiking Association, the Fangshan District Committee of the Communist Party of China, the Fangshan District People's government and other units. Since 2009, the annual long walk Festival has been held as scheduled. Tupley wallpaper has participated in the Beijing international long walk festival for two consecutive years since 2013, opening the inheritance and development of Chinese hiking culture

in a green light, the team wearing lotus colored uniforms started from Kaixuan Street (Fangshan World Geopark Museum, China) in Changgou Town, Fangshan District, at 9 a.m. on May 10, when the breeze was blowing, and the whole journey was 16.5 kilometers. Tepli wallpaper long walk team enjoyed the breath of spring and the green of summer in Changgou Town, which has the reputation of "outside the city, flower fields on the water bank", passed through pine and cypress mountains, walked through peony blooming gardens, and met romantic wine holy land, feeling the infinite charm of nature in the rush of more than 10000 people. 4.3 kilometers, 5.1 kilometers, 6.5 kilometers, 10.8 kilometers, tepli's team is moving towards its goal. With the unremitting efforts of the team of tepli wallpapers, it took 16.5 kilometers and 3.5 hours to reach the end of the sixth long walking festival in 2014

success is derived from the pursuit and desire of the heart. The team of tepli Wallpapers walked steadily in persistence and endeavor, enjoying the scenery on the way forward with the green mountains and green waters. This is just like the development process of tupley wallpaper. In the past 40 years of development, it has always adhered to the business philosophy of "surviving by quality, developing by innovation, providing first-class products and realizing satisfactory service". In the road of wallpaper development, it has firmly stepped out the footprints of China's wallpaper industry step by step, and with the goal of "a world-class wallpaper enterprise with an everlasting foundation", it is moving towards the bright future of China's wallpaper industry




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