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Many citizens have spent a large amount of savings on house purchase, and the house decoration cost has become a big problem because of the loan repayment period. I finally bought my own house. Naturally, I can't decorate it hastily, but I'm nervous about the money on hand, for fear that the decoration result can't satisfy me. Taking all kinds of factors into consideration, Wang, a famous decoration formula designer, put forward a simple style decoration scheme. The decoration is simple and generous, which mainly depends on the later interior soft decoration to reflect the personality of the owner. According to relevant sources, the kitchen, bathroom and floor are the three places that can save material costs most in decoration. Don't blindly pursue the ceramic tile brand in the bathroom. The decoration of the bathroom focuses on &8220; Internal &8221;, That is, the concealed decoration that can't be seen, such as ceiling, water pipe, wire, etc. because once these materials fail in use, it takes a lot of time and money to repair, so in the early decoration, we must not buy materials with poor quality because of greed for cheap. However, there is no need to blindly pursue high-end and famous brands. For example, in the selection of water pipes, PPR water pipes have certain advantages in cost performance compared with copper pipes with higher prices, and are loved by many mid-range decoration users. If the old house is redecorated, we also need to consider redoing the waterproof of the bathroom. Sanitary ware, faucets and other frequently used appliances should also take into account their service life and future warranty. They should not be too greedy for low prices, and should be suitable for mid-range prices. In the bathroom decoration, ceramic tiles should be the best way to save money. You can't blindly pursue the brand when choosing ceramic tiles. If the unit price of ceramic tiles differs by 10 yuan, the overall price difference in a bathroom may reach hundreds of yuan. Therefore, as long as we can meet the use standards and spend some attention on color matching, the final decoration effect of ordinary brand tiles is no less than that of some brand tiles. Kitchen choose cabinet doorway. The price difference of multiple cabinets can reach thousands of Yuan due to the different materials used. What doorway is there? It is reported that the materials used for cabinet door panels will affect its final pricing, such as whether the panels are imported, whether crystal panels are used, and so on. In addition, the choice of materials for cabinet countertops is also very particular. The price of imported countertops can reach thousands of yuan per meter, but in fact, the countertops of 700-800 yuan/meter can meet the basic use requirements. Flooring composite flooring is more practical. Simple decoration based on the premise of saving money and practicality. With luxurious wood flooring, solid wood flooring is obviously unrealistic. Therefore, the designer recommended a more wear-resistant composite floor. In addition, the composite floor also has the characteristics of easy cleaning, which does not need the owner to spend a lot of time taking care of it. It is more suitable for office workers with a fast pace of life





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