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Sanitary wares mainly include toilets, washbasins, bathtubs, and even mop pools. The main materials of sanitary ware are made of ceramics, glass fiber reinforced plastic, plastic, artificial marble and stainless steel, so we should be extra careful about their installation

in recent years, people have paid more and more attention to sanitary ware and bathroom. Not only the decoration is better, but also the choice of sanitary ware has become very careful. In addition to the special space between sanitary ware and bathroom, the installation of sanitary ware and bathroom is also very important, which is concerned about the future use to a great extent. Then, let's introduce the installation of sanitary ware and bathroom

sanitary ware and bathroom installation

1. Bathtub installation

the first step is to test the drainage to see if there is water leakage: before placing the bathtub, we need to install the corresponding drainage accessories and close the water for 24 hours, and then look at the water leakage of the bathtub, especially pay attention to the overflow

the second step is to level the bathtub: when placing the bathtub, we must pay attention to that the corresponding water outlet should be lower than the end of the water inlet, so as to avoid poor sewage discharge. The corresponding bathtub should not only be visually level, but also pay attention not to affect the drainage

the third step is to fill sand: compared with the cast-iron bathtub, it is strong but has very fast thermal conductivity, so it needs to use Zhonghe sand for bedding and compaction. Of course, foam can also be used, because foam do not have liquidity. When filling the river sand, it is also necessary to pay attention that the sand cannot leak into the sewer pipe

the fourth step is to leave an access hole: when installing, we also need to pay attention to leaving a hole 300 mm high and 400 mm wide at the water outlet, and carry out waterproof and anti-corrosion treatment according to the size. The purpose of this is to have a good mouth when we carry out maintenance in the future

2. Installation of toilet

first, we need to take out the pipe plug of the ground water outlet, and then we need to check whether there are sundries in the pipe, and if so, we need to remove the corresponding sundries. Then clean the area around the pipe orifice, and then connect the corresponding outlet pipe orifice of the toilet with the outlet pipe orifice to make it flat and aligned. Then we need to mark the bolt hole of the toilet

the second step is to punch holes. Holes with a diameter of 20mm and a depth of 60mm shall be punched at the corresponding marks. Then insert the bolt into the hole, twist it firmly with cement, and align the toilet eye with the bolt. Then paint the putty around the corresponding water outlet of the toilet and the water pipe orifice, and screw the corresponding four bolt holes of the toilet until the tightness is appropriate

the third step is to install the rear tail center of the toilet. Install according to the corresponding drawings or scribed parts, and fix the relevant bolts. The degree of fixation should be moderate and not too tight

the fourth step is to install the back water tank. When installing the back water tank, we need to pay attention to the appropriate size, not too loose or too tight

step 5 connect water. The installation of the water supply system also needs attention, and no water leakage is allowed. It is necessary to pay attention to the appropriate tightness after water filling

3. Installation of washbasin

the first step is the installation of washbasin: when we install the washbasin on the pipe rack, we must first draw a line at the outlet of the sewer pipe, then measure the specified height of the ground upward, and make sure to draw a horizontal line on the wall. Mark the mark according to the width of the washbasin, and then punch a 120mm deep hole. Clean up relevant sundries and keep the installation site clean

the second step is the installation of cast-iron frame washbasin: the same as the above installation method, it is also necessary to mark the center of the sewer nozzle, then measure the height, and draw a horizontal line to form a cross line. Mark on the center horizontal line according to the width of the washbasin, and place the basin frame, reserve the screw hole position, and the size also needs to be marked

sanitary ware and bathroom cleaning methods

1. Ceramic basin cleaning

the ceramic basin in the bathroom is the easiest to prove whether your bathroom is clean. After a long time of use, the metal and ceramics at the bottom of the basin will show rust stains. You can put an appropriate amount of salt into the same amount of vinegar, heat and stir, and then dip salt vinegar solution into a soft cloth, cover the rust spots for half an hour, and scrub with a rough cloth

2. Deodorization in the bathroom

put lemon peel or soaked dry tea in the bathroom, and the odor will soon disappear. If the smell comes from the toilet, you can light a match and throw it into the toilet, and the smell will be eliminated quickly

3. Mold removal in the bathroom

the bathroom is the most susceptible to mold because it is wet. To prevent bacterial proliferation, you must first clean it thoroughly. If mold grows, bleach can be used to remove it. Dip a cotton swab with bleach diluted a hundred times and apply it to the moldy place. Brush it off with a toothbrush half an hour later, and the tiles will return to their original whiteness and brightness

4. Bath cleaning

because there is often water in the bathroom, it is also easier to produce dirt. Stubborn dirt can use the wet compress trick of bleach; Soak toilet paper in bleach water diluted ten times, and then apply it on the stubborn dirt of bathtub or ceramic tile. After a period of time, take down the wet toilet paper and gently clean the pasted part with water, so that the stubborn dirt can be easily removed

5. Shower cleaning

I found that the water output was less when I took a bath. It may not be the problem of water pressure, but the problem of shower nozzle. After taking a shower at night, pour half a cup of vinegar into the washbasin, put some water on it, and then remove the shower nozzle and soak it in vinegar. The next morning, the shower nozzle will be completely clean and the water will flow smoothly

6. Mirror wiping

apply some soap on the mirror, and then wipe it with a dry cloth to form a protective film that can isolate steam. If there is unwanted perfume, it is better to use it to wipe the mirror. Put several boxes of open cooling oil in the bathroom in a ventilated place, you can smell bursts of fragrance, and you can also keep the bathroom dry

editor's summary: that's all for the installation of sanitary ware and bathroom. I hope it can help you. If you want to know more about it, you can pay attention to the information





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