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The 120 mu new base with an investment of 80million yuan invested by Han julige was put into operation and stationed in Conghua District, Guangzhou. This layout of Guangdong will be closer to major partners, and the "zero distance" communication and cooperation with customers will help promote the magnificent development of Han julige's cause

with the further expansion of the scale of Han juliger company and the gradual improvement of its overall image, Guangdong Branch moved to a new office and a new production base on June 26th, 2016. Its address is No. 38 Yonghe Road, Wenquan Town, Conghua District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province. With a total investment of 80million, it covers an area of 120 mu and a production area of 80000 square meters, leading the industry

it is reported that Guangdong hangulige has introduced new high-end production equipment and intelligent whole process management software system, 14 CNC machines and a high-end solid wood production line, which will provide you with an industry "shocking" delivery cycle, higher quality products and better after-sales service guarantee. Only fast, Han gulige will rewrite the era of home customization with "speed and quality"

the new factory brings a new atmosphere and embarks on a new journey from a new starting point. Guangzhou Branch is an important strategic layout of the company. In addition, Guangzhou is the origin of customized wardrobe and a geomantic treasure land with perfect upstream and downstream supply chain, which provides convenience for production and various sections. Han juliger will be closer to partners. The "zero distance" with customers will quickly promote the magnificent development of Han juliger's career, and will also create a better platform for partners, a new starting point, and leap with you

Han gulige's team is strong and cohesive here

look at the present, full of ambition. Show the future, full of pride. On the occasion of the relocation of Han Ju Lige in Guangdong, Han Ju people are very grateful to the manufacturers and partners all over the country who have given support and affirmation for a long time. They are willing to make common progress and common development. Han Ju people will continue to provide all-round, high-quality and satisfactory services to our customers in a comprehensive and meticulous manner! Please wait and see

enterprise goal: achieve the leading brand in China's customized home furnishing industry

Enterprise positioning: focus on customized OEM and service brand home

management goal: clear responsibilities and rights, clear objectives, coordinated and orderly, fast and efficient

service purpose: Based on rapid response, technical support as guarantee, taking the initiative to assume responsibility as the core, and always exceed customer expectations

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