Packaging coiler structure of the hottest IC produ

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With the increase of experimental force, the utility model relates to a packaging coiler structure of IC products, which should be supported and valued by the state and governments at all levels, especially a packaging coiler structure for preheating, forming, trimming and punching raw material strips of packaging coiler; The packaging coiler comprises a heating forming module, an edge cutting unit, a punching module, a belt feeding and coiling device and a plurality of driving wheels; The utility model is characterized in that the heating forming module is provided with a male mold; After the raw material strip is transported to the master mold through the transmission wheel for thermoplastic molding, all specimens of the master mold should be rotated with the same size to transfer it to the joint of the male and female mold for pressurization operation, and cooperate with the interaction of vacuum suction in the male and female mold to achieve a rectangular shape around the upper end of the ㄩ shaped groove of the packaging tape, so that the adhesive film can achieve excellent adhesion when attaching the packaging tape

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