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Look at the packaging characteristics of foreign cleaning supplies

perfume packaging has no "secret"

New Dana perfume company recently adopted a large number of decorative plastic folding boxes from diamond packaging company and launched two specifications of secret perfume. The folding box is designed by Lesley Bates of diamond, and the pattern is developed by Evonne border of new Dana

the folding packaging box is made of 0.38mm transparent PVC film. The blue tin foil pressed on the side, top and bottom plate beautifully sets off the pattern, making the whole packaging box produce an unforgettable color feeling. The characters are offset printed in white, blue and metallic silver, and UV coating can prevent scratches on the external surface

dana's Secret links it with the relevant sexual goals formed in the query process to form a final ranking. S perfume is designed for mass sales and provides products of two specifications: 132ml (0.5 oz.) for $9.99 and 526ml (2 oz.) for $19.99. "We very much welcome the newly imported products." Said Richard Davis, a marketing manager in new Dana, mountaintop, Pennsylvania. "In addition, the customer's response was particularly good."

in terms of packaging, Davis explained that a sealing sheet was pasted on the folding end so that consumers could not smell perfume when opening the packaging box in the store. "We need to ensure that it is absolutely sealed when consumers buy."

tap Pharmaceutical Products Co., Ltd., located in lake forest, Illinois, can supply two kinds of precid napra PAC blisters for therapeutic functions. The package contains two popular prescriptions: Naprosyn for the treatment of arthritis and precid for the treatment of related stomach diseases. Katherine stueland, a tap spokesman, said the two drugs are usually prescribed together

"it is very meaningful to pack the two drugs together, which also means having a written prescription and a joint prescription." Stueland explained. "Drugs may be confused, but this packaging makes it easy to distinguish." The first 2-in-1 package combines the function of preventing children from opening easily, even the elderly with arthritis, stueland added

dosepak drug packaging packaged by Mead Westvaco heathcare won the ameristarbest of Show 2003 by the packaging professional association

tap's dosepak is composed of folded inserts made of 5.4kg Mead Westvaco's easyseal plus material, which is an SBS with extrusion coating and contained in a 10.8kg SBS narrow packaging box decorated with four-color offset printing, when the design structure is sufficient to put into the computer host and the display device. A heated PVC sheet on the insert prevents foam software from processing these simple raw data only. The cover card insert is removed until the red circular part is pressed on the packaging box

the insert is fixed by a blister with heating formed tin foil laminated substrate of a packaging company with good anti-interference performance, which also operates shrink packaging. The blister structure supplied by tekni films is 0.254mm PVC/0.0508mm polyethylene/0.152mm Aclar PCTFE fluoropolymer film of Honeywell specialty films

Dennis Kim, senior manager of tap manufacturing technology, said, "after a year of thorough research on child protective packaging, we have carried out a series of qualitative market research involving patients, pharmacists and doctors. Dosepark is considered to be easier to open, easier to use and more flexible than other packaging designs during travel."

each unit of package contains a dose of one week. Four packages are packed in a four cell 8.1kg SBS packing box, which also adopts four-color offset printing, and can provide one month's consumption. "Doctors hope to use this kind of packaging." Stueland said. "For them and patients, this is a convenient alternative to double prescription."

new lifestyle packaging

lighting appliance manufacturer OSRAM Sylvania has unveiled its new "lifestyle" packaging and promotion plan to use application photography and product advantage icons. Henny Peters, executive vice president of the company's general lighting business division, said, "the new packaging and promotion plan allows consumers to choose to suit their application and decoration needs. Our retail partners also accept this." The application pictures showing the characteristics with the front board of cardboard packaging are brand new for Sylvania packaging

"when we carried out market research, we found the ancient saying 'a picture is worth a thousand words', which is also true for our consumers." Said martieluce, manager of corporate image and design. "By focusing on applications, we have simplified the bulb purchase process, making it easier for customers to find options." The picture also extends to the whole product series, encouraging customers to consider different lighting products that provide other lifestyle advantages or characteristics. According to the designers, the design revolves around the needs of customers for rapid orientation, navigation and completion of procurement

cvs pharmacy recently invited MLR design to establish a new brand image and packaging for its health and beauty store brand. The new product series adopts eye-catching circular color code, highlighting the product name. This new product series is composed of bottles and tubes equipped with pump containers, using simple and modern layout design and small graphics to hint at fragrance or product type. For example, the skin humidifier packaging bottle adopts a drop of water pattern recognition, and the Cucumber Melon Bodywash adopts a slice of cucumber and a slice of watermelon. According to the designers, CVS decided to build a strong packaging image

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