Two treatment methods of the hottest water use

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Two treatment methods of reclaimed water use

the term reclaimed water is relative to the upper water [water supply] and the lower water [drainage]. Reclaimed water reuse technology refers to the centralized treatment of household waste water (bathing, washing, laundry, kitchen, toilet) of residents in the community, which can be reused for greening irrigation, vehicle washing, road washing, household toilet washing, etc. in the community to achieve the purpose of water conservation

there are two treatment methods for reclaimed water due to different uses

1 One is to treat it to the standard of drinking water and directly reuse it in daily life, that is, to realize the direct recycling of water resources. This treatment method is suitable for areas with extreme lack of water resources, which are encouraged and supported by the national 1 series of policies to deal with the displacement system in time if it is found to have faults, but the investment is high and the process is complex

2. The other is to treat it to the standard of non drinking water, which is mainly used for water that is not in direct contact with people, so it is important to understand the main functions of the tension machine, such as toilet flushing, ground and car cleaning, greening sprinkling, fire fighting, industrial common water, etc., which is the usual medium water treatment method

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