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Packaging application of transparent polypropylene

transparent polypropylene is mainly used to make transparent plastic products. It has the advantages of good transparency, high gloss, white and clean color, shatter resistance, good hand feel, etc. its mechanical properties and thermal deformation temperature are higher than that of general polypropylene. It is widely used in microwave appliances, packaging materials, and medical fields

transparent poly (gb/t 4897 ⑵ 003) particleboard propylene will promote the application of polypropylene resin in the transparent packaging market. Now the modified transparent polypropylene products have gained a certain market share in the field of blow molding bottles for food, cosmetics and drugs, small appliance parts and household utensils, as well as injection molding and thermoforming food containers. Injection blow molding products are one of the most promising markets for transparent polypropylene to effectively implement the task of capacity reduction. The water bottle made of polypropylene resin produced by Amoco company with transparent modifier through injection, drawing and blowing process has the same optical properties as polyester water bottle and can replace polyester water bottle. After further improving the barrier property, transparent polypropylene has the potential to enter the injection and blow bottle market with polyester resin, such as beverage bottles, beer bottles, etc. In the thermoforming market, Amoco's newly developed high transparent polypropylene can replace polystyrene/impact resistant polystyrene blends. Korean enterprises have replaced polyester with transparent polypropylene, which has been used in water bottles, rice wine bottles, soap boxes and washing bottles. The development rate of transparent polypropylene products in the United States is 7% - 9% higher than that of ordinary polypropylene products. The annual output of transparent polypropylene in Japan is more than 400000 tons. There is a large demand for propylene in areas with excess receiving capacity of transparent polymer abroad. The total annual market capacity can reach 1.5 million ~ 1.6 million tons, and will still grow at a rapid rate. It is understood that the world's demand for transparent polypropylene is growing at a real-time display rate of 5% waveform curve every year. It is expected that the market demand will reach 2 ~ 2.5 million tons by 2005

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