Packaging concept and implementation in the hottes

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Packaging concept and implementation in the new era

innovation comes from new things, new discoveries, or the new look of old things. The importance and broadness of modern packaging design have become increasingly prominent. In the eyes of modern people, packaging design has the same concept and function with the means of product marketing planning, business promotion and scientific marketing mode. It is the only way for any business behavior to succeed. The traditional packaging concept mainly focuses on the appearance design of a specific target object, which is protective, easy to transport and beautiful. The materials used are mainly paper. The traditional means of packaging, such as pattern, material, modeling, packaging function and printing technology, are far from meeting the market development needs of today's highly developed commercial society with technology and various media. However, products with a certain commercial value concept are not all the fields that can be covered by the traditional packaging design concept. For example, film and television media, Internet media, spiritual and cultural products, fashion ideas, consumer psychology, lifestyle, and so on. There are many ways of tangible and visual ideas, senses, tactile, auditory, and so on. Therefore, the traditional packaging concept has fallen behind the development needs of this era, and we must carry out innovative development [1]

1 new packaging concept and implementation

the future packaging concept should integrate the long-term value of natural ecology into the humanized scientific design concept, and advocate public welfare packaging, green packaging, moderate packaging and light packaging. Some can even reach 0.2% Small size means that the new concept of packaging is to pursue the real role and effectiveness of packaging design in the whole cycle from industrial production to consumption and reuse to the final recycling. Obviously, with the rapid development of market economy and economic integration, packaging design and packaging industry must establish this new concept. It is precisely because of the evolution of the international social and economic situation and the guidance of culture that the great economic transformation will inevitably lead to the great transformation of people's lifestyle and life concepts. The new lifestyle and concept of life will inevitably form the promotion of new popular positioning, which will also form a new consumption concept and consumption mode, consumption trend and consumption personality. The development of this general trend clearly tells us that modern packaging design should not only cater to and adapt, but also develop the leading consciousness, and inject new cultural concepts, cultural goods and new added value into the design

new cultural concepts and cultural ignorance. Packaging design culture is not only national, but also world, both traditional, and more innovative in the new era. Culture is the sum of material wealth and spiritual wealth created in the process of human historical practice. Can packaging design culture be said to include all ways of behavior of people and the special culture created by meeting these ways of behavior, as well as the psychological concepts formed based on these aspects. Therefore, modern packaging design, whether it is the way of thinking, the way of value judgment, the way of social organization and many other aspects, should be constantly absorbed and updated with the progress of the times, so as to establish and improve a new packaging design cultural system with both nationality and modernity. This is the requirement of the times, the necessity of history, and the key for China's packaging design level to rank among the world's advanced forests [2]. Therefore, packaging design to keep up with the pace of the times, it is bound to become a new research topic in the packaging industry. As people say, packaging is facing a real revolution, calling for new design aesthetics, new design relations, and new design concepts. The new concept packaging requires that the designer's thinking and leading consciousness can be reflected in the cycle from industrial production to consumption and use to the final recycling and reuse

1. 1. Three stages of the use of packaging materials

in the field of industrial production and technology, we should grasp the three stages of the use of packaging materials: the first stage refers to the designer's endless exploration and application of new packaging materials, and give full consideration to their volume, weight, storage and accumulation during transportation; The second stage refers to the intelligent design of "human nature" that should be reflected in the packaging design in the purchase and use of electrohydraulic servo material experimental machine, striving to achieve the completion of visual plane and three-dimensional space, and implementing the development strategy of high efficiency and green plastic granulator. Among them, visual graphic design has always been the primary concern of traditional packaging design. Today's new concept packaging is to integrate visual elements into the design concept of "humanization", and has a new interpretation of the visual plane and three-dimensional packaging opening and folding method. It advocates the human relationship of artistic beauty and family comfort in the intelligent modern scientific and technological packaging modeling, which is a higher requirement for packaging designers in the design space; The last stage is the destruction or decomposition and recycling stage of packaging, which is also an important content jointly advocated by "new concept packaging" and even the whole mankind. It emphasizes green packaging and ecological packaging, and emphasizes the wide application of recycled materials, degradable materials and low-cost resources in packaging to enterprises and society. In particular, it can effectively solve the garbage and pollution problems in the packaging industry, so that invalid resources can be decomposed by air or soil, and effective recyclable resources can be used after use. Therefore, the new concept packaging emphasizes the guiding consciousness in the whole cycle of production use recycling, and puts forward that designers must stand in a new perspective to develop packaging design in every link. Design should emphasize the perspective of big perspective, wide perspective and personality to view, understand and interpret packaging. This is also the key to establish a new concept in packaging design

1. 2 team spirit

people must be very clear that modern packaging design is a collective "team work", so in its operation process, we must give full play to the collective role of team work. Designers must work closely with the director of the marketing department, advertising agents and those responsible for production and delivery. For important projects, participants should also include market researchers, paper engineers, color consultants and the director of the finance department. In other words, to do a good job in the design work, we must pool our wisdom and tap the potential of all aspects of personnel

1. 3 the relationship between packaging and sales

designers should examine the unique characteristics of products from an overall perspective, and the overall effect is the key to product personality. People often say that packaging is the best advertisement for products. In today's competitive sales market, this sentence is even more wise. Therefore, good packaging design always shows its ability for sales and brand building. Successful packaging design requires full and comprehensive research, not only to study the packaging design of competitors, but also to study the display and sales methods of packaging. To push a new product to the existing market requires a rigorous design method, which is a difficult and challenging work. We must carefully study the market and competitive situation, find solutions to problems, and make the product sell smoothly. This is exactly the problem that packaging designers need to solve together in sincere cooperation [3]

2 Conclusion

the framework concept of traditional packaging design is facing a new revolution. The rapid development of technology and economic environment has not allowed designers to abide by the traditional packaging design. The modern market economy environment needs a broader sense of packaging design concept to support, and the traditional packaging form has become increasingly unable to meet the needs of the market economy. When we enter the new reality, design is also facing new challenges. The social environment in the information age helps to produce diverse consumers and consumer groups, and opens a rich and colorful cultural system for packaging design [4]. We should advocate using more novel, scientific and market-oriented design concepts to construct modern packaging forms, which requires our designers to reposition the design of packaging forms and fields. Today, the carrier of packaging concept has been extended to a variety of design art forms. In addition to the forms in the sense of visual communication, such as graphic design, traditional packaging forms, digital video, three-dimensional modeling, installation art, spatial framework and so on, there are many new fields, such as xinjue, tactile, olfactory, or various forms of integrated forms and ways, to comprehensively improve and create the packaging design of the new century and new era

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