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Packaging, authenticity and taste in the era of consumption (III)

"Star" era? "I'm famous, I'm rich..."

stars will always lead the trend of fashion

film and television singers in the entertainment industry, Olympic sports stars, city image ambassadors, spokesmen of enterprises or certain products, famous models on the T-shaped stage, and various beauty contests have given birth to "Miss" at different levels... There are also shining appearances of various stars, such as corporate stars, academic stars, and even political stars in a certain place. It can be said that there are bright stars and celebrities in large numbers. Therefore, we see that contemporary people want to be famous at all costs. For women, the temptation of "hundreds of millions of rich sisters" may be the real motivation behind fame. For men, becoming famous means owning beautiful women in famous cars and villas

pursuing a happy life is also a natural right of human beings, which is beyond reproach. To become famous and family is a shortcut to pursue a happy life, but reality tells people that being famous depends on strength, and strong strength is the basis to ensure a happy life

Project packaging and investment promotion

in order to revitalize the local economy, local governments are also very fascinated by packaging. All the packages that can lift investors' appetite will be launched. Among them, the project packaging is the most important. In the past, the outline of the project profile was generally put forward by a competent department of the local government, which was filled in and reported by grass-roots units and enterprises within oneortwo weeks, and then centrally printed and produced. We can imagine the depth and quality of this kind of project packaging. When foreign businessmen read our project materials, they often miss the point and the effect is very poor. Nowadays, the project packaging has improved the degree of specialization of packaging, which should not only comply with international practices, but also highlight the focus on the project as the core. At present, the main motivation for most multinational companies to invest in China is to occupy the Chinese market through joint ventures, cooperation, acquisitions, mergers and other means. The cooperation targets they choose are often high-quality enterprises in a domestic industry. According to this psychology of foreign investors, it is very important to introduce the situation of the project unit itself and the basic situation and characteristics of the industry in detail, and highlight the characteristics of the project unit in this industry. The future prospects of the project and the early implementation of the project are also included in the package of the project

Recently, it has been suggested that deepening the packaging and development of folk art resources in the northwest will play an important role in the economic development of the northwest in line with the opportunity of the national development of the northwest. In Western China, the culture with national characteristics is advantaged. These national cultures and ancient local history have bred rich and colorful national folk cultures and arts, such as clay sculpture, paper cutting, embroidery, calligraphy and painting, social fire, drum dance, opera and other folk cultures in Shaanxi, Sichuan cuisine and Sichuan Opera Culture, Qinghai flowers, Dunhuang culture in Gansu, nomadic culture in Inner Mongolia, ethnic songs and dances in Xinjiang, and multi-ethnic folk culture in Yunnan and Guizhou, Religious culture in Tibet... These ethnic and folk cultural resources are valuable cultural resources in China and even the world, but they are also basically unexploited virgin resources. Many famous folk art towns, historical and cultural towns and folk culture villages at home and abroad will become tourist attractions and attractions for foreign guests. All kinds of colorful folk art are rare tourist souvenirs, with great development and production potential. Local governments should carefully study the current situation, problems and development trends of folk art, and explore the commercialization and marketization laws of folk art; Formulate relevant preferential policies, support leading enterprises, attract discerning merchants to set up folk craft factories, drive thousands of households to become rich, and form a pattern of tourism economy, "do less or not do those things that look magnificent and have no benefits or even lose money"

the reason why people are dissatisfied with the engineering packaging of political achievements is that it wastes people and money by putting on airs. Our cities urgently need packaging. Dalian and Qingdao are ahead of the country. They not only create a beautiful urban living space for citizens, but also create good conditions for the entry of foreign capital

packaging and "shrinkage"

another factor that easily arouses people's disgust is that the name does not match the reality, and beautiful lies lie to deceive you without discussion

the packaging of real estate has the biggest problem in this area. Either it is the "shrinkage" of the actual use area, or it is exaggerated. It has almost exhausted the best language in the world, tempting your desire to buy, and making you have an illusion that it is not heaven on earth but better than heaven. The problem was not found until the buyer moved in. It goes without saying that the area has "shrunk", which has been reported by various media from time to time. When it comes to design alone, the owners found that the gardens, green spaces and fountains on the design drawings of the community seemed to evaporate on the ground, causing sharp contradictions between the owners and the community property and real estate developers. Similar events have occurred in several communities in Beijing recently

in addition, people are disgusted by the luxurious packaging. For example, the packaging of moon cakes has a great meaning of competing for wealth, and one year is better than another. Just after the Mid Autumn Festival in 2004, the Beijing News reported on the disposal of "discarded moon cake boxes". According to reports, abandoned moon cake boxes are likely to become a national public hazard. For example, in Guangzhou, according to the calculation of 2.5 million households in the city, each household only discards one moon cake box, and the discarded moon cake box in Guangzhou can cover 2500 football fields. In Qingdao, a large number of high-end cartons and even moon cake boxes made of high-grade wood fill many roadside garbage cans. In Beijing, how to deal with the exquisite waste moon cake boxes is also a headache for many citizens' families

the report points out that the luxury of moon cake packaging is the main reason behind this phenomenon. Many experts and media raise questions about this problem every year, but unfortunately, year after year, the problem has not been solved. The reason for this is related to the misunderstanding in most people's minds. People believe that the popularity of moon cakes with luxurious packaging shows that the market needs such products, and the state does not need to intervene in the spontaneous behavior of the market. It should be said that such a concept is wrong. The paper, wood, metal and cloth used in the production of moon cake boxes, on the one hand, will cause a huge waste of resources; on the other hand, the plastic, printing pigments, metal compounds and other garbage that are difficult to decompose in the moon cake boxes will pollute and destroy the fragile urban natural environment. In a small country with per capita resources and a large country with environmental pollution, the extravagance of moon cake packaging will seriously affect the environment and resource protection. We should build a healthy enterprise production ethics and develop a green and civilized consumption style

concept, authenticity and taste

packaging has entered thousands of households in China, from people's self packaging to the packaging of products and other substances, has become a fashion. This shows that while China's market economy has further developed, it also exposes the serious problems inherent in the consumption era. The above example of moon cakes is very illustrative. The article "Zhang panic and violence in the well-off era" by a famous scholar, after being posted on the website, aroused warm reactions from friends. The article lists the "sky high price moon cakes" in various cities:

-- Changchun, a moon cake costs more than 1800 yuan, graphene as a new material, and a pair of golf clubs are installed in the gift box

-- Zhengzhou, a pure silver moon cake called "happy moon" weighs 1 kg, with 56 natural gemstones embedded on it, priced at 6900 yuan

-- in Tianjin, a so-called gourmet moon cake is priced at 99999 yuan. Seven of the eight moon cakes are made of edible gold foil and abalone, shark fin, bird's nest, etc., and the other is a pure titanium "moon cake" weighing 500 grams

-- in Kunming, a moon cake is priced at more than 310000 yuan. The moon cake gift box is equipped with an Olympus digital camera, a camera, a bottle of Wuliangye, a Parker gold pen, a famous brand lighter, as well as high-grade health products, tea, etc. What can best mark the value of 310000 moon cakes is that it is equipped with a house of more than 100 square meters

it is true that the sky high price moon cakes and luxurious packaging are not for ordinary people, but for a few people who get rich first. No investigation has been made on the buyers of sky high priced moon cakes, and it is difficult to make a real investigation. However, there is no doubt that those who enjoy them themselves must be a very small number of people. In fact, the sky high price moon cakes are equal to gift moon cakes. In addition to the promotion with the "moon cake" sign to meet the collection of a small number of people, is such a moon cake just a food to add a festive atmosphere

the market demand for packaging design has its own rationality, so it is very necessary for contemporary people in the consumer era to establish a correct concept of packaging design. In this regard, the Germans have set an example for us. In Germany, the government stipulates that the act of exaggerating the real content capacity with expanded packaging is a fraud and will be dealt with; In the promotion of recycled paper, the German government not only issued a call to the people, but also set an example for the people with its own behavior - Deutsche Post gave up making clear envelopes made of raw wood pulp from the perspective of subdivision products, and used recycled paper instead; Primary and secondary schools in Germany must use textbooks made of recycled paper. Thanks to the strong promotion of the government, the German people have a high awareness of environmental protection and social awareness, which is obvious to all the world

this also reflects the development trend of the global packaging design community to attach importance to "environmental protection", advocate green packaging and adopt rational design after entering the 21st century. After more than 150 years of development, the concept of "recyclable" has been put forward since the 1960s. Under the increasingly serious problem of garbage, the return of packaging design in western society: the recycling and reuse of glass bottles, plastic excluded paper and cartons. Under the tide of environmental protection, the concept of advocating nature, originality and health is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Under the control of this concept, packaging design is moving towards "lightweight" and "small volume" practical packaging, which is not limited to the needs of accommodation, protection, promotion and cost rationalization, but also actively implement the "green packaging" initiative to make products and packaging materials develop in the direction of "pollution-free". In this way, natural resources will be saved without damaging the ecological environment

if the packaging design concept of the 21st century is applied to people's self packaging design, it is also tenable. Without violating the principle of authenticity, according to different occasions and needs, there is nothing wrong with designing your packaging to be beautiful, young and beautiful, which is beneficial to life and career. As for taste, it is difficult to judge the pros and cons because of the different subjective likes and dislikes of each person. But there is one thing in common. There is no contradiction between the elaborate artificial axe chisel and the pure natural natural formation with plain face facing the sky

taste comes from "heavy makeup and light makeup are always appropriate" - appropriate self packaging design is both beautiful and artistic conception

source: concept determines wealth Author: Zhu Liguo

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