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Packaging and printing control technology in logistics management

packaging and printing is an important part of logistics management. For packaging, the quality of printing, the processing of various graphic information, and the rational use of printing technology not only add a lot of color to the packaging, but also play a finishing touch for consumer recognition and purchase. It also plays a great role in other links of logistics management. The specific marks and instructions made by various graphics, words and figures on the package facilitate the transportation, loading, unloading, warehousing, inspection and handover, avoid the accidents of wrong delivery and wrong transportation of damaged goods or personal injury, and ensure the safe and rapid delivery of goods to the consignee. The application of bar code facilitates the transportation and handling of various specific printed mark packages, indicates the safety factor of goods, safety technology and precautions, and warns some dangerous goods, ensuring the safety of materials and people in the logistics process

printing plays an important role in logistics, which is directly related to the success or failure of logistics. It is also crucial to improve logistics efficiency, reduce logistics costs, and implement specific management methods in the logistics process. If the implementation of just in time (JIT), demand flow leadership rapid response (QR), computer-aided ordering system (CAO) inventory control, and intelligent inventory management system and management methods, there is no specific printing process, these efficient modern logistics management methods are useless

starting point of circulation

packaging is the end of the production process and the starting point of the logistics process. It plays a role in protecting products in the logistics process. It can provide information about logistics products, help people distinguish products and understand products. Proper packaging also improves the efficiency of material handling. Due to the increasingly important role of logistics customers in their planning, the packaging design of logistics products also directly affects a series of problems such as logistics costs, logistics handling, storage equipment and so on

packaging refers to the general name of containers, materials and auxiliary means used according to certain technical methods to protect products, facilitate storage and transportation, and promote sales in the logistics process, as well as the operations to achieve the above purposes. Packaging is conducive to promoting and expanding the sales of goods. DuPont's law holds that 63% of consumers buy goods according to their packaging. 1. The packaging of high-precision, full digital speed regulation system and precision reducer also improves the efficiency of material handling. Due to the increasingly important role of logistics customers in their planning, the packaging design of products also directly affects the logistics cost, including the handling of oil cylinders, electromechanical, button boxes, columns, lead screws, storage equipment and other problems. It can be seen that packaging plays an extremely important role in logistics

as we all know, packaging and printing have been moving forward side by side. Although there are unlicensed neutral packaging in international packaging that does not indicate the country of production, place name and manufacturer name, nor the original trademark or brand or even any word description of famous and excellent products, these packaging are very few in many international packaging. If the package does not have any printed graphics and words, and the goods in the packaging container have any nature and information related to the goods, consumers will be "confused". Such products will not have any market, and the efforts made in all links of logistics will be rejected by consumers. Packaging is meaningless, and the quality of printing and the advantages of graphics and word processing technology are also the key to the success or failure of packaging, which is one of the key factors to attract consumers. Therefore, packaging and printing are indispensable, a permanent partner for both losses and prosperity

The application of printing in modern logistics management mainly includes three aspects: the application of printing in logistics warehousing management, the application of printing in logistics industry packaging management, and the application of printing in enterprise logistics information system

convenient storage management

storage management is an important part of logistics activities. Although in modern logistics management methods, many enterprises are implementing zero inventory technology, just in time and rapid response to reduce storage methods, which have facilitated the whole process of inventory minimization to reduce logistics costs and improve efficiency. Reasonable storage and high efficiency of deposit and withdrawal can effectively cooperate with other links of logistics activities. Therefore, it is necessary to print on the package of goods to facilitate the computer to identify various marks. Now the "bar code" identification is widely used. It can quickly and accurately identify goods printed on goods or packages in circulation and logistics activities, and automatically read the information about goods. In the warehouse management, the administrator scans each piece of goods in or out separately, processes the information by the computer, accurately and quickly identifies it, and stores it in the database

after investigation, Wal Mart, the largest department store in the United States, handles about 200000 cartons a day in the United States. In the temporary storage area or warehouse, the public uses a scanner to identify the waybill and the bar code on the goods respectively, and then stores or picks them out after being accurately identified by the computer, which greatly improves the efficiency and ensures the smooth operation of Wal Mart retail stores. In China, Honghe tobacco factory, Hongta Group and Wuliangye have saved huge human and material resources and improved the competitiveness of the company after using modern warehousing software and hardware tools

accelerate the circulation of goods

the function of printing in logistics is to reflect all kinds of information of goods through the use of graphics and words printed on goods or packages and specific symbols, so as to facilitate consumer identification, promote sales and improve the efficiency of logistics activities. The function of printing runs through almost all links of logistics activities, and plays a great role in transportation, storage, packaging, handling, circulation, processing and information processing, which is beneficial to consumption and logistics staff distinguish. Therefore, printing is like a red thread through the whole logistics system

in modern logistics management, the application of printing technology is mainly the printing of bar code. Bar code can greatly improve work efficiency in warehouse management. It can encrypt pictures, words, fingerprints and other information. Therefore, the printing of two-dimensional bar code will play a great role in logistics management in the future

in addition, most packaging designs use desktop processing system software, but these software lack effective functions to effectively complete design tasks. With the development of desktop system software technology and such as temperature, PDF (portable document format) file format can save all fonts, formats, colors and graphics of any source document, regardless of the application and platform used to create the file. It is recognized by designers and customers, but there are some important aspects in PDF

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