Packaging becomes the breaking point of the future

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Packaging has become the breaking point of the future printing industry under the digital wave

recently, intelligence and e-books have been coming in a wave, constantly impacting the traditional printing industry, directly leading to a sharp decline in the printing of paper publications and affecting the demand for traditional printing equipment

however, with the declining share of traditional publishing, packaging and printing have sprung up. Compared with the shrinking publishing and printing industry, the output value of packaging and printing industry can be described as rising. In recent years, China's packaging industry is constantly advancing, and the market scale is growing. Although packaging and printing is an attractive cake of Datong times, printing enterprises must do sufficient market research and clarify the real needs of customers before entering the packaging and printing market

among various forms of packaging, color box packaging has developed most rapidly and is widely used in various fields closely related to people. Although the color box packaging industry is increasingly favored by people 16. Automatic calibration: automatic calibration of available electric calibration values for load and elongation, enterprises must strengthen their own automation level, especially the post press processing automation level, before entering the color box packaging market. Because the printing of color box packaging is different from traditional printing, its post press processing process is complex, and the requirements for technology and equipment are relatively strict

I believe that under the digital wave, packaging and printing will also give birth to the revival of the mechanical experimental instrument industry, and many of them are non-standard products, riding the wind and waves, ushering in new opportunities and challenges

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