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Several key issues in the development of self-adhesive enterprises

the rapid development of high-quality and colorization in the global packaging industry in the new century has triggered the trend of innovative technology in printing equipment and materials, making the product production of China's self-adhesive printing industry change from "printing quality" to "work efficiency improvement under the premise of high quality", and the product service is changing from function realization to value-added service. In the rapidly changing market, how adhesive manufacturers always take the initiative in the fierce market competition is the key to the success of adhesive printing enterprises. To achieve the development of adhesive enterprises, we must pay attention to the following key issues

1. Grasp the characteristics of modern self-adhesive printing production

as we all know, the characteristics of modern printing production are (1) digitalization of content expression, colorization of expression form, and individualization of product structure; (2) Integration of production organization, standardization of quality standards, digitalization of process control; (3) Refinement of printing management, standardization of production operations, and integration of product production; (4) Digitalization of production control, systematization of control methods and scientization of management means. Therefore, modern self-adhesive printing production must be based on the principle of "quality determines survival, efficiency determines development, management determines scale, and value-added determines benefits", and around "quality, efficiency, cost, and value-added" to build the technical composition and product composition of modern self-adhesive printing enterprises. In accordance with international standards, digital new technology is used to continuously optimize data, improve details, and improve the technical content and value-added mode of self-adhesive products

2. Take the initiative to adopt new technologies, new processes and new materials

although the self-adhesive printing industry has made considerable progress and development over the years, on the whole, the tracking of the development trend of modern printing technology is relatively lagging behind, lacking the authority and guidance to lead the development of products. Therefore, using digital technology to digitize the traditional self-adhesive printing production process, and using new technology and new materials to build a new product production chain through digital technology is the key to technological development. Therefore, modern self-adhesive printing enterprises are required to master the correct construction of modern self-adhesive printing quality standards and their optimization methods, actively use high-performance equipment and digital production processes, realize the digital and simplified technical transformation of traditional complex self-adhesive printing control in the way of "efficiency first, smooth operation, appropriateness, and easy to master", and adopt new processes and materials to enrich the product line of self-adhesive, Improve the functionality and originality of products, so that each quality control point and process bottleneck in the self-adhesive printing process can be most reasonably matched and controlled, and achieve high efficiency under the premise of high quality. Such as the application of variable data self-adhesive label technology

3. Applying digital network technology, innovating management and expanding market space

modern self-adhesive printing industry is an important part of modern digital and networked information service system. The price is reasonable. Only by applying modern digital network technology and innovating and reconstructing the traditional management mode, can the self-adhesive printing industry expand its development space. Therefore, the innovation of business management must focus on solving the following problems:

(1) building a personalized competitive advantage

the key to the competitiveness of the modern self-adhesive printing industry is "how to reduce time redundancy, cost redundancy, personnel redundancy and expand new application fields (product personalization and value-added services)". The competitive advantage of self-adhesive printing enterprises has three important contents. One is to build their own characteristics or differences with similar products, that is, personalization. The more prominent the characteristics of a self-adhesive printing enterprise, the more characteristics, the greater the competitiveness, the less likely it will be eliminated, and the more convergence, the faster it will be eliminated. The second is the cost. In the same market environment, whoever has the lowest comprehensive cost will be more competitive. Low cost is always the last word. The third is to adopt new technologies to build high value-added products, such as the development of digital invisible anti-counterfeiting self-adhesive labels

(2) reduce the time redundancy

reducing the time redundancy in the production process is the first element to enhance the competitiveness and profits of self-adhesive enterprises. In short, it is to maximize the efficiency of printing production and reduce operation time

one of the ways to reduce time redundancy is to start with technology, and control the whole production process through digital connection of employees, computers and users in self-adhesive printing enterprises, so as to speed up production and increase the number of processes; Its stiffness and strength are easy to adjust. Second, from the perspective of management, it digitally associates all links in the production chain of self-adhesive products from design, plate making, printing and post press processing, so as to minimize the operation time of each live part and the waiting time between processes

integrate the self-adhesive printing business and business system into a digitally controlled information system to complete the most tasks in the least time

(3) reducing cost redundancy

reducing cost redundancy is the second element to enhance the competitiveness and profitability of self-adhesive printing enterprises. To improve the competitiveness of self-adhesive printing enterprises and their profits, both from increasing revenue and reducing the cost of self-adhesive printing enterprises. One of the redundant ways to reduce costs is to meet the expectations of self-adhesive users, and finally establish a systematic solution for self-adhesive users' products by providing them with all-round services including product design support, product cost analysis, production process control, operation method optimization, waste control and so on, so as to minimize the cost of each link. The second

is to integrate internal and external effective resources, improve the level of quality control, constantly apply new technologies to reduce self-adhesive operation procedures, improve unit operation efficiency, and reduce operation material consumption

(4) reducing staff redundancy

reducing staff redundancy in the printing production process is the third element to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises and their profits. To reduce staff redundancy, one is the direct internal requirement of the enterprise to reduce the number of labor caused by the high-speed self-adhesive printing equipment and the high-quality printing quality, and the other is the external market requirement of the self-adhesive printing enterprise to maintain the technical continuity, ensure the stability of experienced operators, and improve the core competitiveness. Highly competitive self-adhesive printing enterprises will make technical preparations in advance, actively create a perfect digital environment, apply digital technology to establish electronic contacts between the printing industry and self-adhesive printing buyers, apply new technology to improve the originality of products, and constantly optimize and reconstruct the knowledge of employees, so as to give full play to the maximum value of employees and effectively reduce redundant personnel

(5) re value-added services of products

today, meeting the expectations of users and expanding the value-added chain for the self-adhesive user market is the only way to enhance the competitiveness of self-adhesive printing enterprises and their innovative development. In addition to reducing all redundancy, self-adhesive printing enterprises can focus on production management and raw material inspection. In addition, expanding new fields, opening up innovative markets, and constantly adding value to products are also the choices for the development of self-adhesive printing enterprises. In today's increasingly personalized and on-demand printing, it is very important for self-adhesive printing enterprises to apply the existing technology and process to realize the re appreciation of technology and products. If self-adhesive printing enterprises adopt new technologies such as hidden RF printing, they can achieve high fidelity and anti-counterfeiting, increase the value of original products several times, and improve the competitiveness and profitability of self-adhesive printing enterprises

in a word, modern self-adhesive so that you can make decisions when choosing materials, the development of printing enterprises must rely on advanced technology and management, quality, time and efficiency. When choosing technology and development direction, self-adhesive printing enterprises must pay attention to bringing higher benefits to enterprises, pay attention to technologies suitable for market development, and implement the establishment of enterprises' unique core competitiveness. Therefore, choosing appropriate new technologies, new processes and new materials and adopting new management mode are new choices and challenges for self-adhesive printing enterprises to actively guide the market, and they are also the key to the development of self-adhesive printing enterprises in the future

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