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Several key words of industrial design

with the development of society, design has entered every link of our life, and the role of design is becoming more and more important. In the mall, all kinds of goods are dazzling; On the street, all kinds of advertisements are overwhelming; On the road, new models emerge in endlessly; Back home, all kinds of new household appliances are available. All of the above are closely related to design. Design, a new discipline, is waiting for us to explore

we often hear the word "design". From the layout of the new house to the overpass, from the keyboard to the software interface, everyone has his own evaluation criteria: "this design is really beautiful!" Or say, "this design is not reasonable." Everyone has different answers to what is design. Design is a process of conceiving and planning, and visualizing it. It involves different stages and permeates all aspects of life. Graphic design, industrial design, clothing design, architectural design, environmental design, advertising design, multimedia design, corporate image (CI) design and so on are all within the scope of design

this chapter introduces the design through 20 keywords, hoping to increase readers' understanding

opportunity challenge

design has been equated with arts and crafts in China for a long time. But in recent years, with our entry into the World Trade Organization (WTO) and economic development, the design discipline has made considerable progress. On New Year's day in 2005, CCTV and the State Intellectual Property Office jointly launched a party program called "CCTV innovative design night". In 2006, it was officially named "CCTV Innovation Festival", which was broadcast in prime time and selected the annual best exterior design and best functional design awards. This marks the beginning of the design out of the small circle of business and academia, into the lives of thousands of families. As the first large-scale TV program with the theme of displaying innovative design products in China, "CCTV Innovation Festival" has become a strong audience segment. It conveys the most fashionable innovative ideas and fashionable design concepts to the audience, and establishes a good platform for interaction and exchange among enterprises, consumers, design fields and media

function form

the function of design should be expressed through external forms. In design, practical function, cognitive function and aesthetic function are mutually penetrated and interrelated

the discussion about function and form has a long history. The design of primitive society is mainly functional. After class differentiation, the statistical class began to pursue the form of design. In the early days of industrial society, the form of design was seldom considered, so it was widely criticized. In the second half of the 20th century, the debate about the function and form of design reached a climax, so it evolved into the pluralism of design

rational perceptual

thinking is an indirect and generalized reflection of people's minds on the essential attributes of natural things and their internal relations; Design is to change the nature of natural objects to form objects for human use. People objectify their essential power with the help of thinking, so design and thinking are a complete concept in the process of design. Rational thinking is the advanced form of human thinking, and it is an active activity for people to grasp the essence and laws of objective things. Rational thinking uses the methods of logical analysis and reasoning, concepts, judgments, reasoning, analysis and synthesis, induction and deduction. Perceptual thinking is to know things through inspiration, perception, Epiphany, imagination, guess, hypothesis and other ways

in the last century, Professor Sperry, an American scientist, confirmed the "left-right brain division theory" of brain asymmetry through experiments, and therefore won the 1981 Nobel Prize in medical physiology. The two hemispheres are thinking in completely different ways, and the left brain tends to think in language and logic; The right brain thinks in images and mental images and communicates with each other at the speed of 1billion bits per second. We can simply think that the left brain is a rational brain, while the right brain is a perceptual brain. Only when two brains are used together can we give full play to our advantages

rationality and sensibility run through the design process. For example, when designing ideas, we need divergent thinking and pay more attention to sensibility; When choosing and determining the scheme, rational thinking is needed

design is an innovative activity in the final analysis, which is inseparable from the joint action of rationality and sensibility

convenience - fun

from the perspective of practicality, the design can indeed bring a lot of convenience to our lives in the six months ended December 31, 2018. Cars shorten the space distance, and with a soymilk machine, we can drink fresh soymilk at home

in addition, design can also produce a lot of fun and make our life full of happiness. Therefore, designers should have an optimistic nature that can find happiness in life elements

Figure 1 Logitech's new fashionable colorful star mink mouse

simple beautiful

in the 1920s and 1930s, the design master Mies, who once served as the president of Bauhaus school, put forward the slogan of "less is more", which has become a famous saying of modernist design. The meaning of this sentence is to maximize the function of the design by reducing unnecessary decoration. However, with the development of society, the monotonous form of modernist design and the neglect of personalization have caused widespread controversy in the design community. In 1969, American architect venturi proposed "less is a bore", which challenged modernism

in the 20th century, the results can be displayed by digital display or PC. in the 1980s, people began to reflect on the damage of modern scientific and technological production to the environment and ecology. The social heart of designers rethinked the design. The main representative is "Minimalism". They pursue extreme simplicity and simplify the shape of products to the extreme. However, simplicity is definitely not equal to simplicity, but through the designer's high generalization to achieve the unity of practicality and beauty of design

public environment

according to the impact of design on the environment, the environment can be divided into large environment and small environment. Small environment refers to the application environment of design, such as the application environment of range hood is kitchen; The general environment refers to the overall space where we live. In modern society, design has become a public behavior. The materials, packaging, transportation, energy consumption, noise, recycling and other aspects involved in the production and use of range hoods will have a great impact on the environment we live in, and we need to pay enough attention to them in the design process

the relationship between people constitutes a public environment. Designers use words, images, graphics, sounds and other information and carriers to build an artificial environment, which has the functions of visual recognition, guidance, indication and symbol, so as to meet people's travel and living needs. 3. The decline in the total profit of China's paper industry is also reflected in the information exchange and sharing between people. From to Internet, the development of communication technology is driven by the need for human exchanges

the role of design can be seen as the link between people and the environment. In today's increasingly serious environmental problems, this role is becoming more and more obvious

friendly technology

technology was once considered unfriendly in the history of design. With the deepening of ergonomics research, this situation is improving

in addition to the material, function and taste of the product, the design of the product itself should be more considerate, considerate and humanized. Any product, whether human computer interface (hardware interface, software interface), network products, daily necessities or other products, should be human-centered in the design process. For example, when designing keys, we need to consider the size of keys, the spacing between keys and other factors, and these factors are based on human body size, action scale and so on. A design without considering human factors will usually cause many unnecessary troubles to users

technology plays an important role in "Friendliness". Many of Apple's designs are examples of the perfect combination of technology and friendliness. The picture is the work of Apple fans

available - effective

People's understanding of commodities has such a process: from "available" to "easy to use", and then to "easy to use and good-looking". Availability comes first. Design serves for commodities, and the ultimate goal of design is commodities. The requirement of enterprises for design is at least to create economic benefits

design is the product of the contradiction between commercialization and artistry, but it seems to be mixed with many human factors, reflecting the differences in human aesthetics, which itself is a manifestation of culture. Some believe that artistry determines commerciality, while others believe that commerciality determines artistry. These two statements are understandable. The key is that design is independent of the two, forming a unique culture that affects human lifestyle

Apple launched the iPod player in October 2001 (see Figure), which is the first portable music player with hard disk. In just a few years, iPod products have brought unprecedented benefits to apple. By the first half of 2005, Apple had sold 20million iPods. Driven by the brand effect of iPod, more and more consumers began to have a strong interest in MAC computers, driving Apple's old brand MAC computers to continue to sell well

emotion creativity

the super six wheel sports car Fab 1 specially produced by Ford Motor Company was shown in the Thunderbirds released by Universal Pictures in 2004. In the film, it can not only fly like an ordinary car, but also fly in the air and walk in the water, adding a lot of color to this science fiction film

design and creativity are always linked. The UK established the "creative industries task force" in June 1997 and put forward the new concept of creative industries. The group listed the connotation of this word, including 13 categories: advertising design, architectural design, art and cultural relics sales, handicrafts, product design, fashion, film, interactive entertainment software, music, performing arts, publishing, computer software, and the production of TV and radio broadcasting programs. From this, we can see that the design industry is an important part of the creative industry. Shanghai subdivides the creative industry into five key industries: R & D and design creativity, architectural design creativity, cultural media creativity, consulting and planning creativity and fashion consumption creativity. In 2005, the added value of these five industries has exceeded 55billion yuan

design is a young industry, which needs fresh blood and passionate participation. Only when you have a dream can you know what beauty is, only when you have a dream can you know why to design, and only when you have a dream can you have a future

localization prospects

generally speaking, if you invest 1 yuan in automobile design, you will have an output of 20 yuan. For the automobile industry, it can drive the development of 218 industries. Modern automobile design is a system engineering, which can not be understood as simple modeling design, but a "design technology" that allows reliable and rapid impregnation of fibers without fiber displacement. It requires various technical means to complete it. Although it is not mysterious, it is not too simple. Automobile design is a typical product design in industrial design

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