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The principal criminal of the Mekong tragedy was tried on the 20th, and some families of the victims claimed millions of

for the chain of the U-shaped dock

original title: Nuokang is on trial today. 6 Thai police will testify in court. At 9:30 a.m. on the 20th, the first court of Kunming intermediate people's court will hold a court hearing on 6 people, including Nuokang, the main suspect in the Mekong "10.5" case. The crimes involved include intentional homicide, drug transportation, kidnapping and hijacking of ships

hearing two cases in three days

yesterday, a lawyer of the victim's family said that the case was expected to be heard for three days, with Nuokang as the first trial. Civil proceedings incidental to criminal proceedings shall be conducted on the second day of the trial

in the three-day trial, in addition to the Mekong "10.5" case, there was also the 2011 "4.02" kidnapping case

on April 2, 2011, the defendants sang Kang, Weng Mei, Zasika, zabo and others hijacked the captain of the Chinese cargo ship "Yuxi 3" and the captain of the Lao passenger ship "jinmumian 3" on the Mekong River. On April 3, the above suspects hijacked three more Chinese cargo ships, and 15 crew members were kidnapped. On April 6, the cargo ship investor was forced to contribute 25million baht before the personnel were rescued. After Nuokang arrived at the case, the procuratorate intervened in advance, and then sent personnel to the scene to supervise the public security investigation and put forward supplementary investigation suggestions. The "4.02" case was solved

according to Yin Ling, deputy director of the first public prosecution division of the Yunnan Provincial People's Procuratorate, the prosecution has seven prosecutors in court this time, all of whom are excellent prosecutors in the province and the country

according to the police, if any loosening was found yesterday, bangsili, Deputy Chief Superintendent of the Thai Police General Administration, led 6 policemen and 10 witnesses to Kunming in the afternoon of the day. This time, they will testify for the trial of the "10.5" case

it is understood that Laos will also send police officers to China to testify against the criminal acts of the Nuokang criminal group. The relevant person in charge of the drug control bureau of the Ministry of Public Security said that this was the first time that a foreign police officer testified in court in China

"special" arrangement took one month

according to the staff of Kunming intermediate people's court, the court has begun to arrange the court since the procuratorate prosecuted the case to the court in August, and the arrangement was completed a week ago

it is understood that the court has added six high-definition cameras, four stereos and two electronic screens on the original basis. In addition, the court has set up six courtrooms, equipped with square stools and microphones. Six suspects, including Nuokang, who are suspected of developing four major industries, including sealing materials, energy storage materials, superhard materials and graphene, will be tried at this seat

on the right side of the judge's seat, there are the prosecutor and witness seats. In addition, there are also seats for the victim and the plaintiff and agent ad litem when manufacturing the mold. On the left side of the judge is the defender seat of six suspects, including Nuo Kang

according to the staff of Kunming intermediate court, the first court of the court has more than 380 audience seats. The officer said that a simultaneous interpretation room was also set up in a room adjacent to the court. Lahu and Dai language translators are set up separately, which will assume that the user selection depends on the cost performance, and provide the task of translation for suspect

■ reaction

the families of the victims considered Dai Baihua to appear in court

in the Mekong "10.5" tragedy, the families of the 13 crew members killed on the "Yuxing 8" and "Huaping" arrived in Kunming successively yesterday to find a hotel near the Kunming intermediate court

yesterday, several families of the victims said that in order to express their condolences to the families of the victims, the families of the dead were discussing to wear white flowers for each family member who came to the court to attend

family members have received side hearings

according to a victim's family member, many victims' families have more than two relatives, and each family has been arranged with two or more witness witnesses. At present, they have received the side hearing

another victim's family member said that they had met with their respective lawyers. Lawyers reminded them that the court will release some photos and videos of the tragedy, hoping that they can try to control their emotions

"I want to ask my husband if he said anything before he died."

yesterday, Xu Fang arrived in Kunming alone. She was the wife of Huang Yong, the murdered captain of the "Warburg Pincus"

Xu Fang said that on October 4 last year, he also met his husband and had dinner with several crew members in guanlei port. She talked and laughed. She remembered everyone's appearance clearly

the next day, the tragedy happened. Whenever I recall this scene, "it feels like what happened yesterday"

when Xu Fang said goodbye to her husband and left, Qiu Jiahai, another crew member, was rushing to the dock. It was not easy to catch up with the National Day holiday, but he only stayed at home for twoorthree days. His wife Tian Shanlian was reluctant, and the crew and their families gathered less and separated more. But this time, her husband never came back

speaking of meeting Nuokang in court, Tian Shanlian thought of the tragedy of her husband's murder. Her lips trembled and she cried in a lengthened tone, "I want to ask them if my husband said anything when he died."

the relatives of the victims' lawyers hope to "severely punish the defendant"

yesterday, the director of the lawyers' office of the Yunnan Provincial Department of justice introduced that 45 relatives of the victims entrusted a total of 17 Lawyers and a citizen agent to appear in court

among them, 17 lawyers provide legal aid free of charge

yesterday, Panke, the lawyer representing hexilon, the captain of "Yuxing 8", introduced the criminal incidental civil proceedings of the victims' families

pank said that after acting as an agent for the case, his main work was to clarify the claims of the victims' families. At first, the claims of different relatives will overlap

then, he carried out evidence collection. Because in civil litigation, who advocates who obtains evidence, it is necessary to clear up the evidence of the expenses such as lost time expenses and funeral expenses, and make a list of evidence

at the beginning, the victims' families do not know the law and will make some requests with improper legal basis. For example, severely punish the murderer, such as spiritual compensation, and so on. Panke adjusted the amount of compensation according to relevant laws. "The range is not very large"

according to interviews with the victims' families, some of the victims' families have proposed compensation of more than one million

this compensation is against Nuokang group, but in the factual reasons, it is proposed not to give up the right to file a civil lawsuit against illegal Thai soldiers

pank said that in the process of communicating with the victims' families, he could feel that for their relatives, punishing the defendants severely was their most concern. After a year, he could also feel the psychological damage they suffered

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