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Experience of quality inspection

the quality problem of books and periodicals printing and packaging is directly related to the survival and development of enterprises for printing plants. To this end, the printing plant must always work hard to improve the quality of printing and packaging

as a quality inspector, morality should be fulfilled. 9. Resolution. It is the most basic condition to give full play to the responsible spirit of maximum work enthusiasm

according to the provisions of the national product quality law, when printing publications for the printing unit, our printing industry must comply with the relevant national quality regulations and quality standards, such as the dental mold materials used to make dental braces. The process of printing and binding books and periodicals is very complicated. From plate making to printing, there are several processes. Each process is divided into many links, and each link has its own different quality requirements. If there is a deviation in a certain link, there will be hidden quality hazards. Therefore, for each link of the upper and lower processes, we must concentrate on completing it according to the industry quality standards

first, we must master the process technology of each process, the ability to identify and judge quality accidents, deal with quality problems in time, and improve the management level

second, establish and improve the quality management assurance system of each process, be responsible for the implementation, strengthen the inspection work, focus on the quality control of key processes and processes with unstable quality, and strive to eliminate errors and accidents in the state of sprouting teeth

third, strictly implement the reward and punishment system. In the implementation of punishment, we must adhere to principles, act fairly and treat equally, prevent worrying about gains and losses, and be afraid of offending others, and take quality regulations and quality standards as the principle

fourth, "In the 910s, the scope of quality inspection should be broadened, and we should be good at discovering the hidden dangers of errors that were not corrected in the press release of the printing unit, so as to avoid causing economic losses and adverse social effects. Thus, we can establish a good image of the enterprise and make customers have a sense of trust in the factory.

fifth, in addition to being familiar with the industry quality standards, we should also know the relevant professional standard knowledge, and be familiar with the relevant professional knowledge, so as to avoid editing and proofreading errors in print Production in products

in a word, to sum up, my profound experience is that quality inspectors should be conscientious, strictly control product quality, and do their best to make oxfab's strength weight ratio better than casting aluminum, magnesium and nylon for the survival and development of the enterprise

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