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Discussion on several measures to improve the reliability of rural distribution power supply

power supply reliability management is a comprehensive safety and quality management of the whole power industry. It reflects the electrical status of a power supply enterprise, and the level of power supply and management directly determines the economic benefits of the enterprise. Therefore, the improvement of power supply reliability will be paid more and more attention by the society

I. factors affecting power supply reliability

1. Lack of operation, maintenance and management of the line: the modern management mode of county-level rural power enterprises needs to be updated, and the business technology and personal ideology of power line managers need to be improved. The quality of the 25 meter long super large injection molding machine needs to be improved

2. Equipment failure and line failure: various electrical equipment and transmission and distribution lines of the power system may have different types of failures in operation, which will affect the operation of the system and the normal power supply to users

3. It is a misoperation accident

4. Unreasonable electrical structure: the rural distribution frame structure is very weak, the power supply radius is large, the conductor cross-section is small, the lines have no inter generation capacity, and the reliability is poor. Power outages are often one stop, one stop and one line

5. The distribution automation system is not yet perfect: the automation of accident handling is low, it takes a long time, and it is slow to restore power supply. The technical level and management means of manual switching and manual data collection are backward

II. Technical measures to improve the reliability of distribution power supply

1. Improve the reliability of power transmission lines, and adopt double circuit lines for important lines in the system. At present, in rural power distribution, there are still relatively few double circuit lines. Double circuit lines supply power, with large transmission capacity, high stability reserves, and the reliability of transmission lines is very stable

2. Choose a reasonable power system structure and wiring

3. Formulate reasonable operation mode

4. Add line switches to the main line and erect branches to limit the power failure scope of branch lines to the branch line and reduce the power failure scope

5. Overhead insulated wires or underground cables are used in places with concentrated population and prominent tree line contradiction

6. Increase the conductor section and improve the transmission capacity of the line

7. Add 10kV switching posts, increase the number of 10kV outgoing circuits, and shorten the power supply radius of 10kV lines

8. Carry out live line work, reduce power outage time, and implement live line work under the blue sky of "realizing enterprise value" on the premise of strictly implementing relevant regulations and ensuring safety

III. management measures to improve the reliability of distribution power supply

1. Strengthen the management of maintenance plan and implement one-stop maintenance. In the maintenance management work, the reliability management is closely combined with the production plan management. When arranging each maintenance, all units cooperate to make rational and efficient use of the power outage time and eliminate repeated power outages

2. Promote new products and improve the level of equipment. Vigorously promote the use of maintenance free and maintenance free equipment, such as SF6 switches, vacuum switches, etc

3. Improve the technical level of business personnel and eliminate all possible human misoperations

4. Operation management of strong power distribution equipment and transmission and distribution lines. Patrol and maintain the electrical equipment and power lines in strict accordance with the regulations, implement the 4-hour duty system before 2 days, and deal with the difficult problems found in a timely manner. Carry out special patrols and night patrols to reduce potential accidents, eliminate the bud of accidents, and ensure the normal operation of distribution equipment and transmission lines

5. In terms of management, technology, scientific and technological thinking and power marketing, it is necessary to strengthen the quality construction of distribution personnel and create a good atmosphere for power supply reliability

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