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Hangzhou Hongyan home intelligence Co., Ltd. [focus on Hongyan switches]

Shanghai hanghong Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. is the general agent of Hangzhou Hongyan Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. in Shanghai, which is the general agent of (China Putian group) flow mark and fusion wiring and product design and mold design. It mainly deals in the four industries of electrician, plastic, intelligence and lighting. Its specific products include switches, sockets, energy-saving lamps, home information boxes, PVC tubes, PPR tubes, circuit breakers, air switches Multi socket, ground socket, etc. The integrity, strength and product quality of Shanghai hanghong Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. have been recognized by the industry. Welcome friends from all walks of life to Shanghai hanghong Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. for visit, guidance and business negotiation. The manufacturer introduces the installation skills of power sockets to you: it is a popular saying that more two plugs are made at the bedside of the manufacturer's bedroom, which is a socket with two jacks. A professional saying is called a two pole socket. In the same way, three plug refers to a socket with three jacks. Why does the bedside need to be inserted more? Go home and have a look at the plugs of your desk lamp and floor lamp! This is a reply from a designer. The power of desk lamps and electrical appliances that are occasionally used in the bedroom will not be very large. Most of them are two pole plugs. It's certainly right to have more backup and two plugs. The head of the bed must be equipped with at least one socket. Many young people like to play with notebooks in bed. This is a reminder from another designer, who said that it has almost become a standard bedroom for young families. Therefore, a good solution is to equip the bedroom with several seven hole socket panels with two two plugs and one three plugs, which not only saves space but also ensures that the sockets are sufficient. If most of the sockets installed in your kitchen are 23 standard sockets, you will find that the frequency of three plug is much higher than that of two plug. Some two plug may never be used. The reason is very simple. Most kitchen appliances are three pole plugs. This is the experience provided by a housewife interviewed by the electric appliance company. Colleagues and friends around us helped to verify it. Sure enough, all kitchen appliances we can think of are three pole plugs for electric ovens, refrigerators, microwave ovens, electric stewpots, electric kettles and rice cookers. Instead of wasting space to install two or three standard sockets in the kitchen, it is better to allocate three plugs according to the number of electrical appliances

Hangzhou Hongyan home smart company [focus on Hongyan switch]

how about Hongyan electrical switch? 1. Switch quality. The quality reputation of our company is excellent. We have always adhered to the production of high-quality switches. Our products have a high reputation. Their quality is stable and there are few small defects. The materials of our products are well used, so the product quality is also high-quality. 2. Product materials. In terms of product materials, Hongyan switch socket uses bulletproof plastic PC material on the panel material, and PBT material on the back seat, which is more resistant to oxidation and high temperature than other brand panel materials. In addition, it is also very good in terms of insulation, and will not deform or change color for several years. 3. Product performance. In terms of product performance, high-quality product materials are used internally. The internal copper sheet is made of tin phosphor bronze, which can be plugged and unplugged for more than 10000 times, better than brass, glass bronze, tin bronze, etc. The silver cadmium oxide red copper composite contact is used on the contact, which has low connection resistance, very good conductivity and high safety. The manufacturing process of such materials required for wire boxes is roughly as follows: tungsten powder (sometimes aluminum powder) is pressed into contact blank, the blank is heated to about 1500 ℃ in vacuum or pure hydrogen, sintered into porous tungsten block, and then liquid copper alloy (or other fusible metal alloy) is infiltrated into porous tungsten in vacuum to make the finished product

the manufacturer can test the contact problem of the socket as follows: first, manually open the socket surface, quickly separate the shell and the pin board, at this time, accurately record the position and direction of each contact piece, remove the damaged contact piece and replace it with a new contact piece. Secondly, if there is no suitable contact, we need to try to refit it to reach the size value of the original contact piece. After that, install the switch as it was, and use a multimeter to check whether the switch is fully connected. If there is no fault, you can install the socket back into the original circuit system

how to connect the wall switch 1. Fast wiring: insert the stripped wire head directly into the wiring hole to complete the wiring without using tools such as screw card power switch driver. There is a reed inside the wiring hole, which will be stuck if it is pulled out in reverse direction, and it will be more convenient if it is inserted in one direction. The wire can be pulled out only when the office socket pokes the wire removal hole or presses the wire removal press plate. 2. Double plate crimping: tighten two small metal sheets with small screws to tighten the wires between the metal sheets. The effect of double plate crimping is good when connecting a single wire. However, if two wires with different wire diameters are connected at the same time, the wires will not be damaged. The thin one is easy to loose. 3. Screw crimping: screw the wire into the terminal horizontally through the screw, squeeze the wire, and make it firmly connected with the terminal. The Zui great advantage of the screw thread pressing method is that the wiring is very reliable and convenient, and the tripping problem will not easily occur. However, the disadvantage is that the screw will crush the wire, or even break it if it is serious. Once the time is too long, the wire will heat up or catch fire. Through the above methods, the problem of disordered power lines can be solved. We know whether a wire box is good or bad. A very important point is the contact of the switch. The contact is the contact point of conductive parts during the switching process. The contact first depends on the size. The larger the contact, the better. Secondly, it depends on the material of the contact. The contacts of household wall switches are generally made of three materials, silver nickel alloy, silver cadmium alloy and pure silver

all the franchisees are made of copper sheets, which have good conductivity and long service life. The methods to identify the joining materials are as follows: 1. Look at the thickness of the copper sheet. The thicker the copper sheet, the better the elasticity, and the longer the service life of the corresponding socket. 2. In the case of the same material, the longer the copper strip, the better (because the length of the copper strip determines the distance between sockets, and the wider the jack spacing, the more convenient it is to insert two or three plugs at the same time). 3. See the size of the rocker contact. The larger the contact, the better. 4. Join in to see if the copper sheet is one-time formed. If it is an old-fashioned riveted copper sheet (it is obvious that the materials at both ends are completely different from those of the medium bridge, and there are obvious riveting points). The one-time formed copper sheet must be better than the riveted copper sheet, because the resistance of the one-time formed copper sheet is smaller than that of the riveted copper sheet. The smaller the relative calorific value is, the better the elasticity is, and the higher the safety factor and conductivity are

Hangzhou Hongyan home intelligence Co., Ltd. [focus on Hongyan switch]

brief discussion on the difference in appearance between dual control engineering switch socket and single control switch socket: the single control switch socket has only two terminals, and the dual control switch has three terminals. Differences in usage: a single control switch refers to a switch controlling a lamp, while a double control switch refers to controlling the opening and closing of the same lamp in two different places where some electronic parts and circuit boards are very sensitive to static electricity, such as the living room and pavilion, so that we do not have to go back to the bedroom after turning off the lamp. In addition, the dual control engineering switch socket can be used as a single control switch, and the manufacturer believes that the single control switch cannot be used as a dual control switch. The manufacturing process of such materials required for wire boxes is roughly as follows: tungsten powder (sometimes aluminum powder) is pressed into contact blank, the blank is heated to about 1500 ℃ in vacuum or pure hydrogen, sintered into porous tungsten block, and then liquid copper alloy (or other fusible metal alloy) is infiltrated into porous tungsten in vacuum to make the finished product

the installation position of the ground socket is very easy to be ambiguous, so we need to think more. For the bathroom space, it is simple to reserve the lines of the overall lighting fixtures, but there is a lot of water vapor, so it is not suitable to set the power socket near the shower. It is better to install the floor socket of the bathroom lighting outside the door. In addition, the socket installed in the bathroom is better equipped with a switch and an indicator light. In this way, if there are children or the elderly at home, it will be more convenient to get up at night. Why do people choose to buy at home? Many reasons lie in the fact that the sex switch has certain quality assurance. Most of its wiring terminals are made with technology imported from Japan. They are safe and reliable when used and will not fall off. The handle of the switch is also strong, so it will not stop at the middle position. Moreover, all the switches have been tested in China. When people use them, they have detailed instructions to tell people how to install them. In this way, the accidents caused by fire accidents are greatly reduced, thus ensuring people's safety

height and position of switch socket on the wall in the bathroom: the concealed switch shall be 1.2m-1.4m away from the ground, the position of the switch shall correspond to the lamp position, and the height of the switch in the same room shall be the same. The environment of the bathroom is particularly humid. Pay attention to more ventilation and moisture-proof. The door of the bathroom should be kept open. The wall switch socket shall be kept at a distance from the bathing area. Even if it is equipped with a waterproof cover, it may cause potential safety hazards in a humid environment. With more and more household appliances, the number of wall switches and sockets in the home has also increased. This article mainly introduces the relevant details that we should pay attention to when installing the wall switch socket in the bathroom. Both the service life and the WiFi connection quality have great room for improvement. There is no doubt that intelligent products will be the main target in the future, but today, the technology has not yet reached, we should honestly choose mechanical products


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