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The design drawing of iPhone Xi was exposed, but it was Yuba's three photos

after the release of Huawei P30 pro, the water drop screen design was adopted. However, the back design and photo taking scheme have been recognized by many friends. Although the design is not very innovative, it is not ugly. Can you accept a model that is fully personalized for innovative design, but its appearance is recognized as ugly? This year, the most discussed shape by friends is an Apple iPhone Xi. Both at home and abroad, they all agree that it has a square frame and three triangles. Its appearance is indeed personalized

the figure below shows a famous digital station in Japan. We reconfirm the shape design of iPhone Xi. Of course, we don't know who first reported the "wonderful" design of iPhone Xi. However, almost all media now agree that the new iPhone has such a version. Apple's design is indeed personalized and doesn't follow Android such as Samsung and Huawei

are all iPhone Xi triangles taken this year? Don't think too much. Only the highest version is adopted. It is expected that the version with lower configuration will be produced. The number of cells included in the length of the 6.1-inch and 6.5-inch screens is equal to the number of cells within the gauge length. Two versions are double shot, and the highest version is three shot. The price may be the same as that of the iPhone XS max, at least about 10000 yuan. In fact, in addition to turning to the terminal market, we found through statistics that it doesn't matter if Apple is ugly. The most important thing is that it has personality. When the iPhone X came out with the big bang screen, everyone thought it was ugly, but it sold very well. As long as it can make users different, Apple will be successful. Moreover, if you look at the photos in three photos, you will still be able to see them if you look at them too much

since the back has been changed, the front can no longer be used with large bangs. If it is used again, there will be no personality. The bangs will be smaller, which will make it more beautiful. Why use bangs? Leading the way, Apple's 3D structured light cannot be abandoned. The face ID design is still expected to be more accurate and safer than ordinary face unlocking; Second, Apple has no other way. Previously, Apple executives said that they would not consider using a lift camera such as oppo find x, while the water drop screen and perforated screen have been taken first by Android; Third, the bangs screen was first used by apple. Although Android took the lead in using the small bangs screen, it is also a imitation of apple. Therefore, Apple's new machine adopts the bangs screen without copying any manufacturer

After the release of the provincial (District, city) p> liuhaiping + triangle triphoto design, many friends can't stand it. Just like the iPhone x big liuhaiping in those years, as mentioned above, apple doesn't need a beautiful appearance, it needs personalization to make everyone feel that using apple is different from other categories, so it sells well. In addition, the iPhone Xi is blessed with ios13 and apple A13. The smooth experience must be very good. Many Apple fans are also familiar with the IOS system. Of course, now many Android systems are similar to the IOS system design, and even more humanized than IOS

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