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This case is a decoration rendering of 160 square meters in Evergrande Washington. The owner is a good father who is both filial and considerate. He wants to create a living environment where parents and children can live at ease. After many times of communication with designers and decoration companies, he finally came up with such an effect, which made him very satisfied. How about it? Let's have a look

decoration owner's file:

decoration owner's community: Evergrande Washington decoration area: 160 square meters decoration house type: 3 rooms and 2 halls decoration company: participate in the decoration bidding recommendation company (decoration bidding) decoration style: European style decoration cost: 140000 (half a bag)

use two sections of roman columns to locate the screen, line board reservation and central hollowed out design are embedded into the shape decoration board selected by the male owner to achieve customized end view

it is decorated with wire board, which echoes the symmetry of the main wall of the TV, and completes the main shape that is durable and comfortable. The sofa chooses the "jump on, jump off, three, two, one" collocation method. The single chair collocation and blank space make the hostess who likes to visit the furniture store have the flexibility of new products, and the incomplete design also generates cohesion through the carpet

the main wall of the TV is square and big. The designer uses the fireplace to create the characteristics of the living room. The upper half of the line board is mixed with wallpaper, and the display of small platforms makes the space more personalized for the residents





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