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If the home space is small, we should emphasize freshness and tidiness, because only in this way can we make up for the lack of space. Otherwise, the crowded and messy living environment will not only affect the overall beauty, but also make people feel irritable and reduce the quality of life. The following group of modern simple style small house decoration design renderings are very good, you may wish to have a look

decoration owner's file:

Community: wanjinjiang city (more decoration effect pictures of wanjinjiang city) house type: two rooms and one living room decoration style: modern simple decoration method: half package contract amount: 50000 decoration company: Decoration bidding company

light gray fabric sofa is small, exquisite, simple and fashionable, setting off the charm of the fashion trend of this small family living room, At the same time, its soft and comfortable sitting feeling makes people feel more comfortable and effectively relieves physical and mental fatigue. The storage box of red brown solid wood acts as a tea table, which is simple and natural, and forms a sharp contrast with the sofa in color and style. The colorful decorative paintings on the sofa background wall have become the highlight of this effect map. The orange pink floor curtains are beautiful and elegant, creating a romantic living atmosphere in space and adding color to the overall decoration design, Add interest to life

the floor is paved with bright red and white square tiles. The contrasting colors enhance the decorative effect of this small family kitchen, and give the space a rich sense of color, which has become the highlight of the space decoration design in the figure. The log colored overall cabinet is small and exquisite, does not occupy space and is very practical. The powerful storage function of the ground cabinet and wall cabinet ensures the cleanness and freshness of the whole space, creating a comfortable cooking environment for the owner

the plain white bathroom background wall is matched with the beige bathroom cabinet. The choice of light color makes the whole bathroom design appear pure and elegant, without any trace of dirt. The design of the black marble washing table neutralizes the monotony of plain color and adds a trace of calmness. The design of the golden mirror and towel rack beside adds a touch of luxury to the whole bathroom design, and the decoration of small houses is elegant and high-grade. The placement of those two bouquets of lilies freshens the air, raises a hint of romance, and also makes the washing room more fresh and unique

the simple whitewashed ceiling and the simple whitewashed background wall reflect each other. The ball shaped chandelier material is light, soft and quite smart. The two exactly the same green tone abstract pattern decorative paintings on the background wall at the head of the bed complement each other with fruit green bedding. The fresh color glows with vitality, adds vitality to life, enriches the color of this small house decoration design effect picture, and improves the visual beauty

[introduction to wanjinjiangcheng community]: wanjinjiangcheng is the opening work of CNOOC real estate (hk.0688), a leading brand in China's real estate industry and a member enterprise of the world's top 500, in the region. It is also a representative project of medium and high-end high-quality products presented by CNOOC real estate and China hydropower real estate. In 2011, the Erqi Yangtze River Bridge was completed and opened to traffic, connecting the Second Ring Road, shortening the distance between the Houhu area and the central urban area of Hankou and Wuchang Riverside business belt, and fundamentally activating the vigorous development of the Houhu area in the future

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