Carpet product purchase and maintenance

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Indoor air quality is increasingly concerned by the international community and consumers

first, carpets should meet the requirements of national mandatory standards

indoor air quality is increasingly concerned by the international community and consumers. Gb18587-2001 "indoor decoration materials carpet, carpet liner and carpet adhesive harmful substances release limit" is one of the mandatory standards issued by the state. Carpet as one of the interior decoration materials, in the production and processing, carpet back gluing and other manufacturing processes, the latex and various compounding agents used are inevitable to leave some harmful substances in the products, such as formaldehyde, styrene, 4-phenylcyclohexene, etc. if these residual harmful substances exceed the indicators specified in the national standards, when laying and using, it will bring a certain degree of pollution to the indoor air and affect human health. Therefore, consumers are reminded that when purchasing carpets, they must know whether this batch of products meet the standard requirements of gb18587-2001 "emission limit of harmful substances in indoor decoration materials carpets, carpet liners and Carpet Adhesives", so as to protect consumers' own health

II. Pile density of carpet: you can touch the carpet by hand. The pile quality of the product is high, and the density of the carpet surface is plump. Such a carpet has good elasticity, trample resistance, wear resistance, comfort and durability. Here, consumers are reminded not to choose carpets by choosing plush. On the surface, the plush looks beautiful, but the density of the pile is sparse, and the pile is easy to collapse and deform. Such carpets are not resistant to trampling, easy to lose the unique performance of the carpet, and are not durable

III. color fastness: carpets with various colors are soft and beautiful. When choosing a carpet, you can rub it repeatedly on the carpet surface with your hand or test cloth for several times to see whether there is color on the hand or test cloth. If there is color, it indicates that the color fastness of the product is poor, which leads to the discoloration and fading of the carpet in the laying and use, and affects the aesthetic effect of the carpet in the laying and use

IV. peeling strength of carpet backing: the back of tufted carpet is pasted with a layer of mesh backing with latex, and the peeling strength index of backing is ≥ 25N according to the standard. When choosing this kind of carpet, consumers can tear the bottom cloth gently by hand to see the degree of adhesion. If the adhesion is not high, the bottom cloth and the carpet body are easy to separate, so the carpet is not durable

v. look at the appearance quality: when choosing carpets, consumers should check whether the carpet surface is flat, whether the carpet edge is straight, whether there are defects, oil stains, color differences, especially when choosing tufted carpets, they should check whether the back of the carpet is unlined, oozing and other phenomena, so as to avoid swelling and inequality in the laying and use of carpets, which will lose the effect of comfort and beauty

cleaning and maintenance of carpet products

⑴ daily dust collection: regularly use a vacuum cleaner for dust collection and cleaning, which can timely remove the dust on the surface of the carpet, keep the carpet as clean as new, and ensure the cleanness and sanitation of the indoor air

⑵ if you accidentally splash ink on the carpet, you can sprinkle a little fine salt on the ink splashed place, and then use a test cloth or brush to dip in the washing powder solution and gently brush to remove the stains

⑶ if you accidentally spill coffee on the carpet, you can use a test cloth or brush to dip it in 5% glycerin aqueous solution and gently brush it to remove the stains. If the stains are not completely removed, you can use detergent solution to wipe it

⑷ if fruit wine is accidentally spilled on the carpet, the stains can be removed by gently brushing with a test cloth or brush with detergent solution

⑷ if you accidentally spill soy sauce, vegetable oil or fruit juice on the carpet, you can wipe the stains with a test cloth or brush with detergent solution




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