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Shiyou wooden door: the four "noble red" wooden doors in 2015 have strong Chinese style characteristics, and the enduring charm is brewed in the elegance

get rid of the simplicity and elegance of white, give up the uniformity of brown, and the hot red wooden door has become the darling of home decoration. The fiery red color can highlight the persistent pursuit of personality and unique views on home decoration of contemporary young people. Shiyou wooden door: the four "noble red" wooden doors in 2015 have strong Chinese style characteristics, and the enduring charm is brewed in the elegance

I. Fraxinus mandshurica mountain pattern wa-313 - Exhibition of Chinese classical charm

with wine red as the keynote, the color is delicate and deep, as if after years of precipitation and baptism of time. The seemingly indistinct log texture stretches naturally to maintain the original ecological color to the greatest extent. The colors full of ancient flavor and color, combined with full arc crocheting, show people the charm of "Chinese style"

touch the thick wooden door with both hands, put the Buddha through thousands of years, and feel the wind of the prosperous Tang Dynasty blowing in the face. Chinese classics such as "benevolence, righteousness, courtesy, wisdom and faith" permeate the overall home environment. For those who prefer "Chinese style" decoration, wine red wooden doors can highlight calmness and solemnity

II. Pear blossom mountain pattern wb-133 -- the combination of Chinese and western is more fashionable

pear blossom mountain pattern wooden door, "the door is as its name". The veins on the surface of the wooden door seem to be bustling pear flowers, which fall in clusters, giving people a visual beauty and adding a "softness" to the overall environment. Lihuashan wood door is a combination of Chinese and Western products, using Chinese traditional festive red as the background color, with European wooden door elements. The golden luxurious handle and smooth curve all show the noble characteristics

while following the Chinese style, it adds a touch of European fashion. Choosing the middle point makes furniture collocation more relaxed and comfortable, and conveys the new concept of home life in the 21st century

III. Classic Cherry wc-003 - brewing a warm time like home

"behind every red wooden door, there is a woman busy in the kitchen." Red is the representative of women. Spring is full of vitality because of red, and home is full of warmth and vitality because of red. Classic Cherry wood door, the appropriate benefits of red. Neither too gorgeous nor too dull. The relaxation sets off the overall home style and sets off a warm and warm atmosphere

just like "a woman like water", she can always manage her home properly and become a haven for the soul. Seeing the classical cherry wood door, has it touched the softest place in your heart

IV. red oak mountain pattern ya-011 - create pure gold quality

red oak is a fine product of wood, with thick material and first-class quality, and the quality of pure gold is guaranteed through the passage of time. Red oak has high toughness, which can resist ordinary bending and steam bending. For the southern region with heavy moisture, red oak doors can resist layers of moisture, which is more suitable for home use. Red oak mountain pattern wooden door is more fashionable and fashionable. It is made of selected high-quality red oak trees after deep processing. The opaque glass surface can add a bright and clean visual effect, making the whole home bright

home is the manifestation of the master's taste and the embodiment of life style. Shiyou wooden door is "noble red", which shapes exquisite and elegant home, inherits Chinese aestheticism, and makes the whole home life full of cultural heritage and more refined. The year 2015 is booming, starting with the "noble red" of shiyoumumen





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