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In recent years, whole wood customization has become more and more popular with consumers. So what are the wrong nodes in the whole wood customization? The following are examples that are easy to make mistakes in design positions

Meike wood door manufacturers summarize the error prone points of the whole wood customized design, and it is up to them to reduce errors

in recent years, whole wood customization has become more and more popular with consumers. So what are the wrong nodes in the whole wood customization? The following are examples that are easy to make mistakes in design positions

examples that are easy to cause errors in design positions

1. In the process of drawing, the brain is slow for a short time due to a long time in the face of the computer, and the input speed is too fast, resulting in input errors, which are not detected by oneself, resulting in product errors and installation failure. For example, accidentally input more or less than one number

2. The designer's drawing in the drawing process is simple and non-standard, for example, there is no node detail drawing and horizontal/vertical section drawing, which leads to the misunderstanding of other departments and factories

3. On site dimension measurement errors are mostly caused by insufficient on-site experience. For example, the height of the wallboard should extend to the top of the curtain box with the bottom already set

4. When placing an order, forget to note the product details and the paint treatment process of the bright surface of the product. For example, the bottom plate of the hanging cabinet needs to be painted on both sides

5. Installation and transportation were not considered in the design drawing, and the product structure led to errors. If the single product is too large, you can't go upstairs

6. The direct connection between products is not in place, and improper consideration leads to errors. If the door pocket is connected with the waist line of the wall panel, the hook angle of the door pocket line needs to be lengthened

7. The product details are not clearly noted, and the drawing front/vertical/section expression is ambiguous, resulting in errors

8. The communication between the design department and the shopping guide and the factory's merchandising personnel was not in place, which violated their understanding and led to errors. The following drawings for the factory are not the fixed version

9. Plagiarizing and applying other people's work schemes, you don't know your brain, don't think, take it for granted, lead to mistakes, and don't have your own subjective consciousness. For example, the proportion of others' works is inconsistent with the real size

10. The common sense of life is weak, divorced from reality, and the contradiction between theory and reality leads to mistakes. For example, the functional parts in the wardrobe cannot be used normally

11. The designer is lazy, unable to verbally describe clearly, unwilling to draw pictures, and poor communication leads to errors. If the oral declaration is given to the factory, the factory misunderstands and makes mistakes in production, which has no basis

12. Product carving/glass requirements/unclear remarks on the front and back of the hat head and angle lead to errors. For example, deep carving, relief carving and through carving are not clearly written, and the size floating outside the hat head

13. Poor observation and evaluation of the on-site environment led to errors. If the closet in the narrow space is not made separately, it cannot be installed

14. Designers should measure clearly, see clearly, draw clearly, think clearly, and remember clearly. Reading clearly will greatly reduce errors

15. If there are aluminum alloy windows (hinges) on site, the installation position of door jambs and the connection treatment of marble windowsills are not considered, and some will also be installed with invisible screens

16. When measuring the kitchen/bathroom/washroom/balcony, it is necessary to ask about the tiling condition, full or half tiling. Pay attention to the closing treatment with the waistline

17. The factory's return slip was not carefully checked, resulting in errors. If the factory does not receive the confirmed version

18. Analysis of the installation of the door cap, the connection with the ceiling, the confirmation of the opening direction of the door and the combination with the cabinet. If there is a cabinet behind the door, make sure the door can be fully opened

19. The connection between wallboard and wallpaper, marble and soft bag. Such as closing

20. The installation method of various cabinets, the relationship between the sky and the ground, and the sequence before and after installation should be considered clearly. If the cabinet is installed first or the floor is installed first

21. Help colleagues to the construction site to re size, and the opinions, methods and data statistics are inconsistent, resulting in errors. This needs to be cross checked

22. On site measuring ruler, one person writes one person's record, resulting in counting and recording errors. If the width is reported as height or the wrong unit is reported

23. The product orders of a project are placed in different batches, manufacturers and personnel, resulting in inconsistent standards, large product differences and errors

24. Neglecting to observe the height, weight and living habits of the customer's family members leads to product defects

25. When measuring window jambs, door jambs, anti-theft doors, and bathroom aluminum alloy doors, we need to ask about the specific installation position and specification of this product

26. When measuring a relatively small cloakroom, the installation sequence should be considered, and the installation position of the middle lamp will not be affected when the cabinet door is opened

27. Master other special-shaped technologies and practices such as invisible door, push-pull outside the wall, push-pull inside the wall and four door/round arch

28. When you happen to need a door-to-door measuring ruler when you don't have time, you need to check the size by yourself when you arrange another person in the same industry to measure and place an order, so as to ensure that in case

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