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Ruyu Deshui curtain soft fitting 2019 "new desk" heart public welfare Fish Diving plan, led by Mr. Zhou Wentao, chairman of the labor union, will continue to cover a further 4246.7 kilometers - South of clouds, Yunnan, and carry love to the end

every friend who has been to the headquarters of ruyushui will see such a public welfare wall,

which records every step of ruyushui public welfare...

from 2015 to may 2018,

ruyushui public welfare love mileage has reached 21511.3 kilometers

love tracks throughout Guizhou, Shanxi, Henan, Sichuan, Yunnan,

Ningxia, Gansu Qinghai and other provinces, 28 townships, 32 primary schools in remote and poor mountainous areas donated 1522 sets of desks and chairs,

2443 school supplies, 2443 red scarves...

32 primary schools in remote and poor mountainous areas

1, bainijia primary school, Fuhua primary school and Yunfeng primary school in Zhijin County, Guizhou Province

2. Xisongzhang primary school in sulongkou Town, Yuanping City, Shanxi Province, Maquan primary school in Xuangang Town, Yongxing primary school in Wangjiazhuang township

3. Magou primary school and Guozhuang primary school in Liuhe Township, Fangcheng County, Nanyang City, Henan Province

4. Pingshan village, duobihe village and hailuohe village, xibuhe Township, Ninglang Yi Autonomous County, Yunnan Province

5. Yangwa primary school in Guanting Town, Yuanzhou District, Ningxia, Licha primary school in Xiji County, miaoping primary school in Xiji County

6. Houchuan primary school, shazhai primary school, Tuanjie primary school and Zhangli primary school in Huining County, Gansu Province

7. Wenchang village, Nanjiang County, Bazhong City, Sichuan Province, niujiaoxi village, Enyang County, Sanyuan village, Enyang County, and Sanguan village, Pingchang County

8. Maohebao primary school, Feijia primary school and Yanchang primary school in Qinghai Tu Autonomous County

9. Santai primary school, Lixin primary school and Xingwu primary school in Gulin County, Sichuan

10. Xinhua primary school and refueling primary school in Tongzi County, Zunyi, Guizhou

11. Sichuan Gulin Kangle primary school and Jinyuan primary school

2019 ・ new desk ・ heart public welfare

diving plan

under the leadership of Mr. Zhou Wentao, the chairman of the trade union

a further 4246.7 kilometers

south of clouds, Yunnan, will love to the end

Xuanwei City: Yunrui primary school in Yunrui village, Shuanghe Township,

Qianji primary school in Lefeng Township, and mushroom primary school in Lefeng township

I found these three poor primary schools this time, and president Zhao of Xuanwei franchise store provided a lot of help

president Zhao heard that the public welfare location of the headquarters this time was his hometown,

happily said that he would participate together to help us do something

further chat. When mentioning Yunrui primary school

the poorest Mountain Primary School in Yunnan Province,

unexpectedly found that this was his alma mater,

became a fish in water dealer, and public welfare donations met his alma mater,

fate is so magical

coming out of a mountain primary school,

is a great thing

people who have experienced hardship as a starting point have a heart of fraternity,

always take the initiative to understand the difficulties of others,

know how to be grateful and know how to give back

he has been eager to help us find poor primary schools,

and will help us deliver desks and chairs to our children all the way

a set of desks and chairs can fulfill a child's dream

I hope that through this love donation activity,

I will offer a love, convey a true feeling,

and contribute to the achievement of children's future dreams

diving plan, love transmission, like a fish in water on the road

the fish jumping program

has always adhered to the enterprise spirit of "care and mutual assistance". Moved by Dashan and those children who are eager to read, ruyushui launched the public welfare project "fish jumping program", a purely private student aid team, to do its part to improve the learning environment of children in poor mountain areas in China, mainly donating high-quality desks and chairs, learning and sporting goods for primary schools in poor mountain areas

Ruyu Deshui soft clothing boutique has always adhered to the attitude of "concentration, concentration and professionalism" to make curtains - "exclusive customization, suit technology, environmental protection quality - real good curtains" has become a synonym for Ruyu Deshui soft clothing boutique in household registration

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