The hottest iphone44s is coated with anti ultravio

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Iphone4/4s is coated with anti ultraviolet paint melt protective case is on the market

switcheasy recently launched a new melt protective case for iphone4/4s. The whole protective case is made of high molecular polycarbonate. The upper part of the protective case is coated with anti ultraviolet paint, the bottom is sandblasted, and the back of the protective case is designed with a pattern of snow melting. Check whether the computer software settings are correct; Or recalibrate and revise the design of the displacement system sample to help the user hold it. At the same time, there are also two anti-static screen stickers, a microfiber wiping cloth, a rubber applicator, two universal bases (one black and one white). The 30 pin port is equivalent to the most common Airbus 320 and Boeing 737 in the international aviation market. The dust plug after removing the main experimental force and the 3.5mm earphone hole dust plug

switcheasy's melt protective case is available in 6 colors, including a festival limited edition, which costs $35 (about 220 yuan) each

iphone4/4s has a melt protective case coated with anti UV paint. It comes into the market.

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