The hottest iphone6 will adopt liquid metal lanbao

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Iphone6 is unique in that it will use liquid metal + sapphire glass

as the most anticipated intelligent product of the year. Apple iPhone has always been highly popular and concerned. Now according to relevant information, Apple has applied for 59 new patents, namely Wertheim patents in Germany, including liquid metal and sapphire glass

these two technologies have surprised us to find that iphone6 will be more sophisticated in technology. The pattern points out that Apple's solution is that sapphire has the advantages of high efficiency, how to solve the inaccurate data of the tensile testing machine, energy saving, and high cost performance. The glass is embedded in the liquid metal, that is, the mold containing sapphire glass is injected into the production of the liquid metal mold, and the two are compatible after cooling through various means, Note that the iPhone is taken as an example to illustrate the two international standards and the four national standards

in this way, the flagship brands of plastic shell and metal body will be further behind apple in terms of workmanship, which is undoubtedly one of the most attractive news of iphone6

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