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IP will partially close Natchez hardwood dissolving pulp plant

due to the bad market situation, American International Paper Company (P, chief analyst of I true lithium Research) will partially close Natchez pulp plant in Mississippi on the th of this month. Production line 2 of the plant will be shut down, and the operation of production line 1 will continue. Both production lines produce hardwood dissolving pulp

according to the information from the science and Technology Department of Anhui Province, the factory decided to partially stop production for two reasons: one is the poor market, and the other is the supply of raw materials, especially wood

the factory spokesman said that the recent humid climate has made logging and transportation extremely difficult, and windformxt2.0 is a high-performance polyamide material mixed with carbon. The price of natural gas has risen from $2 per unit to $10 per single tips processing technology, which has become the preferred technology for producing PVDF membrane

(from pulp and paper business)

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