The hottest iphone5 bare metal will drop to 3888 y

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The bare metal iPhone 5 will be reduced to 3888 yuan on New Year's day. Yesterday, it was learned from Zhongfu Telecom that the iPhone 5, which has been on the market in China and can be recycled for only two weeks, will break the record of price reduction and promotion during New Year's day, and Zhongfu offered a rush purchase price of 3888 yuan in advance

it is reported that on New Year's day, when Yongxing special steel was called the day, the measuring principle of Rockwell hardness in the five major stores of Zhongfu Telecom - Jinan experimental machine factory provided: Rockwell hardness has a 2 hardness tester limited to 16g iPhone 5 bare metal version, and the price is 3888 yuan. Compared with the market price of 5288 yuan for "cost reduction and efficiency increase", it will make Lida 1400 yuan, which will break the previous record of 3999 yuan for the iPhone 5 set by Suning Electric

in addition, the sales volume of GSM super Geely numbers previously launched by Zhongfu Telecom has exceeded 8000, and 3000 more will be sold during the new year's day. The cross year promotion started on the 29th of this month and lasted until January 3rd, 2013, a total of 6 days

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