The hottest IOT army meets in East China iote2017

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IOT army meets in East China iote2017 Suzhou exhibition officially sets sail

there is paradise above, and Suzhou and Hangzhou below! Today's Suzhou Industrial Park is high-end and high-grade, and has attracted a large number of world 500 forced modeling enterprises to settle in through strategic planning. In 2017, the army of China IOT will meet in East China. We sincerely invite you to Suzhou

2017 Suzhou International IOT Expo, as the core activity of this meeting, will be grandly opened in hall B1 of Suzhou International Expo Center on March, 2017; At the same time, three theme activities will be held, including the 2017 (11th) RFID World Conference and 2016 IOT star brand enterprise award ceremony, 2017 (3rd) Suzhou International Finance mobile payment forum and 2017 Suzhou international wireless sensing and real-time positioning Summit Forum

IOT army meets in East China iote2017 Suzhou exhibition officially sets sail

find the active gene of East China IOT

Suzhou, located in the core of East China, in the middle of the Yangtze River Delta, adjacent to Shanghai in the East, Zhejiang in the south, Taihu Lake in the west, and the Yangtze River in the north, is the development center of IOT and RFID in North and East China, radiating Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Wuxi, Kunshan, Ningbo and other IOT and RFID application active areas, It is a pilot area for IOT application demonstration

in 2010, Suzhou Industrial Park was awarded as a demonstration zone and demonstration base for the integration of informatization and industrialization in Jiangsu Province. Suzhou will build a perception China (Suzhou) application center to realize three applications: perception of government affairs, perception of enterprises according to plastic △ vs value, and perception of life. It will also build an IOT industrial chain and build the brand of Suzhou perception China Application Center

compared with other regions in China, Suzhou has obvious industrial foundation advantages in the development of IOT industry. At present, Suzhou has nearly 150 key enterprises in the field of sensing core technology, and has initially formed two sensing industry clusters in Kunshan Zhouzhuang, including sensor components, industrial park communication and integrated circuit. The city's IOT related output value has reached tens of billions of yuan. Suzhou will form a huge industrial chain among IOT basic technology R & D, IOT manufacturing, IOT service and end customers

build a global IOT focused platform

the long-awaited 2017 Suzhou International IOT Expo will be a complete industrial chain of IOT, covering the IOT sensing layer, network layer and application layer, involving RFID (wireless radio frequency identification) technology, sensing technology, short-range communication technology, financial consumption mobile payment technology, accurate control technology of Middleware, big data processing, cloud computing It is a high-level international event for the comprehensive solutions and successful application of IOT technologies such as real-time positioning technology in transportation, industry, smart electricity, smart home, logistics, anti-counterfeiting, personnel, vehicles, military, asset management, clothing, books, smart city, environmental monitoring and other fields

the exhibition theme of this Expo is divided into three categories, focusing on: perception and display of RFID, smart cards, sensors, bar codes, biometrics, video surveillance and other related content; Network display of Bluetooth, 3g/4g, ZigBee, ziwave, nb-iot, GPS, GPRS, WiFi, WSN and other related contents; Applications show IOT applications in cloud computing, middleware, mobile payment, real-time positioning, smart home, industry, logistics, transportation, retail, anti-counterfeiting traceability, military, medical and other fields

in addition to bringing together a wealth of hardware products, the most special focus of this Expo is the application integration of IOT. The organizer of the event said that the invitation and publicity of end users and integrators in IOT application industries will be placed in a very important position to form a mutually beneficial and win-win situation of interaction between product providers and integrators, and between users and integrators, so as to promote the in-depth development of product sales, upstream and downstream cooperation and industrial applications

one month before the exhibition, all exhibitors' names, booth numbers and company product introduction links will be displayed on the home page and Exhibition channel of the designated network media (IOT world and RFID world) of the Expo, which will attract more users and interested partners to watch on site

combine multiple resources to create an industry grand ceremony

2017 Suzhou International IOT Expo has many factors such as favorable climate, location and people. Mr. Chen from IOT media, the organizer of the Expo, said that first of all, it will be the first exhibition in 2017, which will usher in the peak of project procurement and efficient connection between supply and demand; Suzhou is rooted in the core area of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai IOT and sensing industry, radiating North China and central China IOT and should be a vast hinterland; What is important is that IOT media will carry 200+ professional media to promote all aspects and the whole process; Go out of the same door with the Shenzhen IOT Exhibition Division, echo the north and south, and link the spring and autumn

a brief introduction to Suzhou International Expo Center: the center is located in the core area of the CBD of Suzhou Industrial Park. It is a large exhibition complex integrating exhibition, conference, festival, commerce, catering and leisure. It is the only domestic exhibition venue with the official membership of the global exhibition industry association (UFI), the International Association of exhibitions and projects (IAEE) and the International Association of independent exhibitors (SISO), the three major international exhibition industry organizations

in order to expand the publicity of the exhibition, the event organizers carefully screened more than 200 industrial media publicity, covering dozens of IOT application fields, such as logistics, industrial automation, finance, retail, books, clothing, medical treatment, military, automobile, aviation, agriculture, etc. they made continuous publicity reports before, during and after the exhibition. In addition, this year, more than a dozen local media such as Suzhou comprehensive channel, Suzhou, Yangtze Evening News, Suzhou, Suzhou radio and television news, and urban business daily will be invited to make on-the-spot reports

at present, the exhibition is in full swing. Exhibitors are enthusiastic about booking booths. It is expected that at least 300 enterprises from domestic and foreign IOT and related industries will come to the exhibition, which will attract 30000 IOT experts, buyers and businessmen from home and abroad to visit and purchase. The number of buyers is expected to exceed 40%. In terms of the number and scale of visitors, it is bound to push China's IOT industry to a new peak. On March, 2017, let's meet at Suzhou International Expo Center

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