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Gather ecological partners to serve healthy China

on March 9, the 2017 Huawei China ecological Partner Conference was grandly held in Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center, Hunan Province, China. More than 300 experts and partners attended the sub forum of the medical industry held on the afternoon of October 10. The participating experts and partners jointly discussed the trends of the medical industry and imagined the way of medical ecological cooperation

in his speech at the medical sub forum, Mr. Dai Xingjiang, sales representative of Huawei's medical and health division, mentioned that medical treatment is the need of people's livelihood, and deepening medical reform is a strategic national policy to ensure China's long-term, stable and high-speed development. By 2020, the country will basically cover the population of the whole country with three databases: population information, electronic health records and electronic medical records; We will comprehensively build the population health information platform of Yunlian Yuntong, realize the business collaboration of six business systems, vibration and wear resistance testing machines, and promote the development of telemedicine. To achieve the above goals, we need an advanced IC7 Tls-s double digital display spring tension and compression testing machine is supported by T infrastructure. As a leading ICT manufacturer in the world, in recent years, it has continued to increase its investment in the medical field, focusing on ICT infrastructure and helping customers in the medical industry succeed with cloud computing, IOT, big data, videolink and other technologies

Dai Xingjiang said that in the medical industry market, Huawei will actively grasp the business cloud trend, make use of Huawei's technological innovation advantages, innovate medical industry solutions, gather ecological partners, continue to tap the local market, meet the interests of partners, and further improve the level and depth of cooperation between partners and Huawei through solutions, joint marketing and other ways, Finally, the needs of stakeholders in the ecosystem should be supplemented immediately; Only charge nitrogen into the accumulator; Mutual benefit and win-win results

then Dr. Xu Dan, chief engineer of the information and Statistics Center of Hunan Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission, explained the industry trends, technology and the construction plan and objectives of the national health information platform, and shared the ideas and plans of regional health information construction. Combined with the construction practice of Hunan regional health big data platform, we can feel the pulse for the future trend of medical informatization. Mr. Feng Song, deputy director of Xiangya Hospital Information Center, shared the construction practice of clinical data center of Xiangya Hospital

Mr. Peng Zhonghong, chief engineer of Huawei's solutions for China's medical industry, shared Huawei's medical solutions at the conference. He said that Huawei will continue to adhere to the concept of fully connected medical care and serving great health, and rely on the comprehensive advantages of basic technology innovation, hardware architecture innovation, solution innovation and so on to build a high-performance, agile, reliable, safe and scalable ICT infrastructure. Provide regional health information cloud platform, smart hospital, medical big data, telemedicine, medical IOT and other fully connected medical solutions. Based on an open, flexible and safe platform, build a cooperative ecosystem of cooperation and win-win results, and use the joint innovation of platform and ecological ISV to help hospitals and health management departments make digital transformation. Facing the future, Huawei will rely on OpenLab Innovation Incubation Center to carry out joint innovation with medical ISV partners, assist partners in digital transformation, build a medical industry ecosystem around big data, cloud platform and IOT, and better serve medical and health informatization

product advantages of hydraulic universal testing machine at this conference, Huawei specially set up an on-site exhibition area for solutions in the medical industry. The exhibition hall takes hierarchical diagnosis and treatment as the main line. Through joint exhibition with ISV partners, it comprehensively displayed joint solutions for the whole business scene of the medical industry, including health management, community medicine, digital hospital, mobile medicine, national health information platform, telemedicine expert consultation experience area, etc

under the development trend of new technologies such as cloud computing, big data and IOT, focusing on the needs of industry users, innovating medical solutions and building ecological competitive advantages will become the key to success in the future. Huawei is willing to complement its partners in resources and technology, and conduct in-depth cooperation through joint innovation, joint development, and cooperation mode innovation, so as to continuously understand the business needs of customers in the medical industry, and work with partners to better serve customers and build a healthy China

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