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the material size of the waste motor disassembly equipment is determined by recording the output control signal value of the sieve in the crushing chamber. After the crushed material is crushed in the crushing chamber, the smallest particles finally reach uniform and flow out from the sieve holes. Yunfu transformer disassembly machinery manufacturer_ Dongcheng disassembles the equipment and completes the discharging steps. With the screen, the particle size of the crushed material can be controlled, and the crushing efficiency can be improved. Yunfu transformer disassembly machinery manufacturer_ Dongcheng disassembly equipment, waste motor rotor recycling equipment screen is made of manganese steel plate punching, durable

invest in waste motor disassembly equipment, waste motor rotors are not only broken, Yunfu transformer disassembly machinery manufacturer_ Dongcheng disassembles the equipment, and effectively separates the copper and iron inside, realizing the effective recycling of it. The complete equipment of motor rotor crusher is low in price and excellent in performance. Customers are welcome to inspect and test the machine on site

recently, the overall operation of the scrapped motor disassembly equipment market and the scrapped strong magnetic market is weak. The market sentiment of market disassemblers and traders of scrapped motors participating in the market is not high, and the market trading sentiment is still cautious, and the transaction atmosphere is not good

recently, due to the high temperature in various places, it is not necessary to have a warm weather with PC. the dismantling volume of waste electric vehicles in the market has decreased, the circulation source of waste electric vehicles in the market is still relatively small, and the receiving volume of traders has decreased significantly. At the same time, traders' enthusiasm for receiving goods has also been frustrated

the recycling industry of renewable resources of motorcycle disassembly machinery has developed rapidly. In 2013, the recycling volume of renewable resources was close to 160 million tons, and the total recycling value was close to 600 billion yuan. The recovery and utilization rate of renewable resources is low, and the policy promotes the development of the industry. Benefit from fund subsidies and product catalogue expansion of motorcycle disassembly machinery, and the electric waste treatment market will explode. In 2013, the theoretical scrap volume of five products of "four bodies and one brain" in China exceeded 800, with 10000 units with 100% equity of MT Marion spodumene project. Thanks to the implementation of the "measures for the administration of the collection and use of waste electrical and electronic products disposal fund", the recovery rate increased significantly, and the disassembly volume reached 42.35 million units. In December, 2013, the national development and Reform Commission released that the number of cars owned in China reached 137million, with a theoretical scrap of more than 2million, while the amount recovered through formal channels was only 600000, with a sales volume of 7.8 billion yuan. According to the regulations on the administration of the recycling and dismantling of end-of-life motor vehicles, the recycling rate and resource utilization rate of motorcycle dismantling machinery will be greatly improved. At the same time, we predict that in the future, the average annual growth of car scrapping will be 18%, and the market capacity of car disassembly will reach 420billion yuan

when disassembling the motor, first put the waste motor stator on the drum support column, and position the motor stator by the positioning plate. The cutter moves downward to cut (cut) the copper coil of the motor stator, and then pull the copper wire a few times to pull out all the copper wires. (this copper chopper can also be used together with the copper puller, that is, after the copper chopper cuts the stator copper wire, the copper wire is pulled out by the copper puller) insulation to ground:

insulation between the stator winding and the stator core in all directions. Phase to phase insulation: insulation between stator windings of each phase. Inter turn insulation: insulation between wire turns of each phase stator winding. After the three-phase winding of the stator is embedded in the slot, a total of six outlet terminals are led to the junction box of the motor base. The three-phase winding can be connected into a star connection (Y connection) or a triangle connection (△ connection) as required,

base: its characteristic is to fix the stator core and stator winding, and support the rotor with two end caps, protect the electromagnetic part of the whole motor and dissipate the heat generated in the operation of the motor at the same time, It is often cast from iron or aluminum

the rotor disassembly equipment makes the waste motor be well recycled. For general motors, the copper content in it accounts for about 25%, and the copper content of different types of motors is different. Rotor dismantling equipment in order to maximize the recovery of copper by customers, we constantly improve the structure of motor rotor crusher equipment, so as to reduce copper consumption and control it within 3%, so that customers can make money as soon as possible by recycling waste motors

the rotor disassembly equipment adopts ordinary metal crusher equipment, which is difficult to separate its crushing, while the Dongcheng rotor disassembly equipment adopts a new design, which mainly adopts the working principle of cross crushing with a big hammer and a small hammer, completely breaks the motor rotor, and then uses the magnetic roller discharge conveyor to send it to the finished product warehouse. When the finished material is transported to a place 20 cm away from the magnetic roller, the iron metal will be adsorbed on the magnetic roller, and the copper metal will continue to be transported to the finished product warehouse

there should be no pollutants between the upper and lower dies of the press, and it should not be impacted by hard objects. When taking and clamping the workpiece from the die, tools should be used, and hands are not allowed to pick it. The press should remove its feet from the foot switch. Moreover, the four column press should also prevent air from mixing into the system. The press should discharge the air mixed into the system in time to prevent leakage. At the same time, the sliding surface, working surface and protective device of the four column press should be specially protected. When you need to turn the car upside down, you must wait until the motor stops completely before turning the motor upside down. It is not allowed to turn the car upside down while the flywheel is rotating. You should also often check whether the bolts of the solid mold are loose. Press, but when the clutch of the four column press is replaced with a new friction plate, pay attention to the control to reduce the number of single strokes. When the sliding block of the four column press descends, it is not allowed to stay in the dangerous area. During the operation of the sliding block, it is not allowed to hold your hand in the dangerous area of the feeding grinding rod, guide column and mold. When the sliding block stops and the sliding distance is too large, the press must find maintenance personnel to adjust the four column pressure mechanism actuator

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