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Yuncheng: the ultra-low emission of glass clusters has achieved export growth against the trend

since this year, in accordance with the overall deployment of the county Party committee and the county government to "control haze with an iron fist" and air pollution prevention and control, more than 20 Enterprises above Designated Size in the glass industry in Yuncheng county have taken active action, paid close attention to the implementation, and comprehensively carried out special actions to reduce coal combustion, control pollution and emission reduction, and clean dust reduction. Air pollution prevention and control have been solidly promoted, and the quality brand strategy of technological transformation has been used, The export of products rose against the trend

recently, Yuncheng Ruisheng glass group produced and sold a kind of special-shaped glass bottle specially exported to the United States. The export price of this kind of glass products that can be hung in parks and other places for bird feeding is as much as six times the domestic price. This is a miracle under the current increasingly fierce Sino US trade war. The reason why the export products can be made popular is actually due to the increasingly severe environmental protection pressure faced by enterprises and the transformation and renewal of some technical equipment made by enterprises in response to the government's mandatory emission reduction

it is reported that in Yuncheng County, in terms of industrial pollution control, China's plastic machinery enterprises have expanded their opening up of emerging markets for extruders over the years. In combination with the current situation of county industry, they have continued to strengthen trend prediction. For large-scale daily-use glass clusters, taking the normalization of emission reduction in winter as the core, they have adhered to the treatment of both symptoms and root causes, highlighted key and difficult points, and continued to consolidate the remediation achievements of atmospheric emissions, including the strict control of coal-fired pollution, Yuncheng made it more convenient for the experimenters. The county took the lead in carrying out the gas instead of coal project in the province

Ruisheng Glass Group is the leading glass enterprise in Yuncheng county that uses natural gas as fuel. Compared with other enterprises that have not changed coal to gas, the cost of a bottle increases by nearly 0.1 yuan, but the quality improvement after technological transformation makes the enterprise feel sweet

this year, yuncheng county once again put forward the goal of further promoting the ultra-low emission transformation of enterprises in key industries such as glass. Ruisheng Glass Group consciously accepted the government's green scheduling and invested more than 7 million yuan to transform all production lines in the second workshop, specializing in the production of export products. The export discourse control components of enterprises in the international market should be completely lossless, and the right of enterprises is getting larger and larger

like Ruisheng Glass Group, yuncheng county's large-scale daily-use glass clusters are actively transforming to the direction of technological transformation, transforming to the old and new kinetic energy under the national environmental protection policy and the initiative of energy conservation and emission reduction. Using new technology, we need to level the beam to work mode, effectively deal with the impact of ultra-low emissions on enterprises, and actively promote production and marketing ideas to the international market, It has realized the counter trend rise under the weak situation of the international market

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