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Yuhuan builds the largest professional valve city in China. Located in the Southern District of Yuhuan Economic Development Zone, China Yuhuan international valve city was started construction in January 2014. It is divided into phase I project and phase II project with high efficiency, energy saving advantages and high cost performance. The total land area is about 200 mu, the total construction area is 250000 square meters, and the total investment is about 1.5 billion yuan. It is invested and built by Yilian Holding Group Co., Ltd, It is the investment scale introduced by Yuhuan County in recent years.

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China Yuhuan international valve city is located in the Southern District of Yuhuan economic development zone. It was constructed in January 2014, divided into phase I and phase II projects, with a total land area of about 200 mu, a total construction area of 250000 square meters, and a total investment of about 1.5 billion yuan. It was invested and built by Yilian Holding Group Co., Ltd, It is one of the Zhejiang merchants return projects with the largest investment scale introduced by Yuhuan County in recent years

it is reported that the project will officially start trial operation in May 2016. The project includes five functional areas: product exhibition and trading center, e-commerce center, product research and development center, headquarters business office center, and industrial creative design center. Upon completion, the project will become the largest valve plumbing hardware trade logistics headquarters base in China, and will fill the gap that Yuhuan, as the valve capital of China and the auto parts industry base in China, has only product production but no professional sales market, so as to create an upgraded version of Yuhuan valve industry

after more than 30 years of development, Yuhuan, as the "valve capital of China", has become the largest medium and low pressure copper valve production and export base in China. However, Yuhuan does not have a professional valve market. In January 2014, the construction of Yuhuan international valve city began. Facing the impact of foreign trade export and interconnection, as the largest professional valve city in China, it began to explore new channel construction


reduce intermediary agents and develop B2C channels

"the market is bad this year, especially foreign trade exports." Such sighs are often heard when interviewing valve enterprises. In this situation, many valve enterprises and merchants also believe that the turning point of the valve industry has arrived

according to the municipal entry exit inspection and quarantine department, from January to June, valves and plumbing products in Yuhuan district were frequently returned for export. According to statistics, 38 batches of goods were returned in the first half of the year, with a value of $1.871 million. The batch increased by 54.2% year-on-year, and the value of goods soared by 193% year-on-year

maotonglian, the person in charge of Jinbo fluid, told that for many years, Yuhuan valves have been mainly OEM for export, but now this market is becoming more and more difficult to do, and the profits are getting thinner and thinner. Many enterprises previously focused on the export market. In the past two years, they began to try to open the domestic market, "however, under the new situation, our manufacturing process needs to change, and the marketing method also needs to change."

"now how to open the domestic market is a big change for enterprises." Mao Tonglian said that in the face of the development of Internet, more and more enterprises began to do business. At the same time, the traditional product agents have been further weakened, and enterprises urgently need to develop B2C channels. "Now the network is developing so fast, and the price is becoming more and more transparent. In the face of layers of agent fees, the price advantage of products is bound to be reduced, and how to make the reduction of products directly face consumers will become the trend of grabbing the market in the future."


here is building the largest professional valve city in China

starting from the urban area of Yuhuan, you can drive 20 minutes north to Yuhuan new city. In the area of Xuanmen Bay, many local valve and plumbing enterprises in Yuhuan are gathered here, and the largest professional valve city in China in the future is also located here

outside the site, transport vehicles shuttle back and forth on the construction road; In the site, construction workers are busy on the steel frame... Although some projects are still under construction, the prototype of this huge industrial mall has been seen at a glance

"as the capital of valves in China, Yuhuan has only product production and no professional sales market. The construction of Yuhuan international valve city is to fill this gap." Pengzuolun, general manager of Yuhuan international valve City, said that according to the plan, the project will introduce more than 1500 enterprises at home and abroad to operate. Up to now, 95% of the investment attraction has been completed

"we will build a large platform so that buyers can directly contact manufacturers and buy first-hand plumbing valves and various supporting products here." Peng zuolun said that by reducing the links of middlemen, manufacturers can gain an advantage in price and gain more profits

"as a modern large-scale market complex, under this temperature, it will be most beneficial to the molding of plastic parts. The molding effect of plastic parts is the highest, and the internal stress and warpage deformation are the smallest. E-commerce park must be an indispensable part of the construction of valve city." Peng zuolun told that e-commerce has roughly completed investment attraction and plans to open the park in the near future, "a large number of B2C and oto channels will emerge in the future."

in addition, the valve city is also equipped with a professional research base to enhance the strength of local valve enterprises by introducing R & D units to "lead the red line" between producers and technicians. According to him, valve city has preliminarily established cooperation intentions with several universities and R & D institutions such as Zhejiang University


the era of "channel is king" in the plumbing valve industry

Yuhuan, as the "capital of valves in China", has become the largest production and export base of medium and low pressure copper valves in China after more than 30 years of development since 1981. Like many industrial manufacturing industries in Taizhou, the valve industry has always been dominated by Eurasian OEM, and most of the related enterprises are low, small and scattered. Since the financial crisis, the profits of valve enterprises have gradually thinned, and at the same time, they are facing the thorny problems of lack of their own brands and serious homogenization

how to break through difficulties and achieve smooth transformation? This has become the "old and difficult" polyurethane series brand products across the hearts of many local valve enterprises, which have touched as many as 166 utilization fields

"for ordinary commodities, channels no longer occupy a particularly important position. However, for industrial manufacturing enterprises, channels are still the king, as is the plumbing valve industry." Peng zuolun said so. Customers also have their own unique insights into various problems of experimental machines. He told us that at the current stage, production and marketing problems have been solved, but there are more and more homogeneous products. The "price war" has been staged repeatedly, and the profits have been diluted. Therefore, "channel is king" is popular. "It is against this background that we propose to integrate resources, form exhibition windows locally, and expand channels."

in Peng zuolun's view, in today's "Internet +" in full swing, e-commerce has naturally become a powerful weapon to expand channels. He hopes that through the e-commerce centers cooperating with Alibaba and cross-border e-commerce companies, the marketing channels will be spread all over the world, so as to integrate the domestic and foreign market channels, and make Yuhuan international valve city a real exhibition and marketing center, procurement center, and R & D base of global valve plumbing products

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