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Yulin wood industry attaches importance to the quality of paint process and leads the trend of solid wood doors

Yulin wood industry has always attached importance to the quality of paint finish of wood doors, and has cooperated with well-known paint enterprises at home and abroad to constantly innovate the paint coating process. The high requirements for the effect of the paint film of wood door products are not only the requirements for the quality of wood doors, but also the frontier of the art and culture of Yulin wood doors. The research has faced the edge of achieving a major breakthrough - the design and manufacture of living human tissue, because the quality of the paint film determines the performance of the process effect and affects the artistic charm and cultural connotation of wood doors

whether the painted wooden door can be accepted by consumers in the market, it is important to tighten the screws after the paint finish is padded. As the saying goes, "three carpenters and seven oilers", good paint finish can fully reflect the quality and use effect of wooden doors. The quality of the paint finish is mainly reflected in the fluidity, transparency, plumpness, durability, clarity, smoothness and flatness of wood grain texture. These can be completely distinguished by touching with hands and looking with eyes. In addition, the environmental protection of paint is also paid more and more attention, and the smell on the wooden door can also be identified

painting process is an important process in the production of wooden doors, which affects the process, quality, performance and other indicators of wooden doors. Therefore, Yulin wood's "mango" series solid wood composite doors have launched in-depth technical cooperation with China Resources paint, a famous domestic paint enterprise, to adopt its latest EO grade environmental protection paint. Every mango wooden door has to go through dozens of painting processes, and every link has strict quality inspection to ensure the quality and environmental protection of the paint finish of mango wooden door. The wooden door factory of Yulin wood industry has a unique machine called 'water curtain' by workers. The constantly flowing water not only plays a role in reducing dust in the spraying operation, making the combination of paint and wooden door more perfect, but also minimizing the paint taste during spraying

as one of China's top 30 wooden doors enterprises, Liaoning Yulin Wood Industry Co., Ltd. takes "environmental protection wooden doors, Yulin first, and the biggest obstacle for carbon fiber lightweight composites to enter the Chinese automobile market lies in the lack of rapid mass production technology and professional utilization skills and knowledge", and carefully creates the "Facade" of painted wooden doors with real quality and strict quality requirements, Mango wooden doors not only lead the trend of simple and environmentally friendly solid wood composite doors, but also truly achieve the perfect unity of environmental protection and quality of wooden doors

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