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Yunnan Chemical Machinery Plant has successfully developed a 7.8m3 tank type yellow phosphorus container and passed the provincial new product appraisal

in the product structure adjustment, Yunnan Chemical Machinery Plant has set its goal to adapt to China's accession to the WTO and the transportation and packaging to international standards. Referring to the current formula of single component yellow phosphorus in international trade, they can dispense with the traditional operation processes of mixing, spraying, evaporation and other containers for transportation and packaging. Combined with the actual situation of Yunnan Railway and highway with many bends and large slopes, they rely on their own strong technical force, and with the support of Kunming Railway Bureau, after successfully developing 4m3 yellow phosphorus container, they have successfully developed a volume of 7.8m3, A tank type yellow phosphorus container that can hold 12.5 tons of yellow phosphorus. In January, 2003, the provincial economic and Trade Commission organized relevant experts to conduct identification, and the expert group unanimously agreed that the product was a provincial-level new product. At the same time, it is worth noting that Yunnan Province is a major phosphorus producing province in China. In 2002, it produced more than 260000 tons of yellow phosphorus, strengthened industrial pollution prevention and control, exported 124000 tons, and earned more than 100 million yuan in foreign exchange. Yellow phosphorus is a flammable and toxic chemical. The development and use of the 7.8m3 tank type yellow phosphorus container is safer and more reliable than the 200kg and 140kg yellow phosphorus container currently used, which also makes the market of recycled plastic granulator more and more promising, with low shipping cost and no secondary pollution. The successful development of this packaging product will play a positive role in promoting the transportation and packaging of dangerous chemical products in line with international standards, the development of Yunnan Phosphorus Chemical Industry and the export trade of yellow phosphorus

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