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Yulin refinery has become the first 10 million ton refinery in Shaanxi. The 1.5 million ton/year atmospheric pressure unit (a) technical transformation project of Yulin refinery of Shaanxi Yanchang group was successfully handed over a few days ago. The estimated total investment of the project is 448million yuan. It is expected that there may be a price war in the future. The construction content includes 1.5 million tons/year. Its structural block diagram is shown in the figure below. The five core parts of heat exchange, desalination, primary distillation, atmospheric distillation and light hydrocarbon recovery, as well as supporting works such as storage, transportation and power supply, are required to achieve a more correct composite action process. After the implementation of the project, the design scale of atmospheric pressure unit in Yulin refinery will be increased to 5million tons/year, the operational flexibility will be enlarged to 70% - 120%, and the crude oil processing capacity will rise to 10million tons/year, becoming the first maintenance enterprise of ten million ton oil refining source in Shaanxi Province

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