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Yumenguan driving experience evaluation MAGGIS pragmatra MP10 tire

Yumenguan driving experience evaluation MAGGIS pragmatra MP10 tire

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Dunhuang Yadan National Geopark has attracted countless brave explorers to uncover the mystery of the desert and explore the mysteries of nature with its ancient folklore. Dunhuang Yadan National Geopark is 168 kilometers away from the urban area of Dunhuang. Drive from the urban area of Dunhuang, cross a large Gobi desert, and arrive at the famous Yumen pass after more than an hour, and then travel 85 kilometers westward along the Shule River Valley, which used to be the ancient Silk Road. As we are all familiar with the Tang poem, "the spring breeze does not pass the Jade Gate". Yumenguan is located at the westernmost end of the Hexi Corridor, on the South Bank of Shule River, about 150 kilometers away from Lop Nur in the west, surrounded by Gobi, desert and meadows. It is about 90 kilometers from Dunhuang to Yumenguan, and is also connected by desert roads. Driving in the harsh northern desert puts forward higher requirements for the wear resistance and safety of vehicle tires

on November 9, the "China tire business Dunhuang Cultural Exploration and Gobi experience tour" and his delegation came to Yumenguan, Dunhuang. We are deeply attracted by the unique desert scenery and geological wonders of different forms along the way. On the way, we discussed with the driver and chose to drive through large areas of sand and red willow bags, Apocynum venetum, and soft Gobi. The car didn't drive fast. Because the car chassis was low, it was easy to get stuck in the car, so we had to go back to the road and continue to move forward. On the road, the car was smooth and quiet, and the bumps were very light, making people feel that this car wheel lacked the silence and comfort of a comprehensive human tire that was familiar with and proficient in the intersection of various disciplines

in Yumenguan, we interviewed master Du, the "old driver" of the post-80s generation. According to master Du, he runs between Dunhuang and Yumenguan every day, running an average of 400 kilometers every day. His car now uses MAGGIS pragmatra MP10 tires, which have been changed for more than two years and have driven more than 80000 kilometers. "Wear resistance, low noise and comfortable sitting" is master Du's most intuitive feeling and evaluation of this tire. Master Du said, "in the future, we will continue to choose MAGGIS for tyre change, and we will be at ease when driving and sitting."

MAGGIS pragmatra MP10 is a household tire of MAGGIS, which mainly aims at economy and wear resistance. MP10 improves the tire grip through the design of high rigid tread strips, effectively shortens the braking distance, and is safe and reliable; The closed shoulder groove is designed to reduce the noise effect and provide a quiet driving environment; At the same time, MAGGIS MP10 adopts a new high wear-resistant tire formula to make the tire more wear-resistant; The contact area of the road surface is increased, the breaking wear is reduced, and the service life of the tire is prolonged. At present, the size of MP10 is inch, which is suitable for compact, small and medium-sized vehicles

for many years, MAGGIS has been ranked among the top ten tire brands in the world, and its products are sold in more than 180 countries and regions around the world. It plays an important role in both the original market and the replacement market, which is inseparable from MAGGIS' extreme pursuit of product quality and continuous investment in technology research and development. MAGGIS spent five years and spent US $150million to build the largest metal tire testing ground in Asia, introducing the world's advanced R & D technology and testing equipment. It can be said that it is the tire testing ground with the most complete test track configuration in China at present, so as to ensure product quality and competitiveness from the source

as a digital all media matrix tire platform integrated with the gene of automotive engineering machinery, China tire business has been committed to evaluating the quality, safety and performance of tires from the perspective of user experience, according to the concerns and preferences of Chinese automotive users and consumers, and providing users with professional tire purchase guidelines. Different from the previous evaluation of tire products on urban roads by professional third-party platforms, this time, China's tire business learned about the real driving experience and tire use evaluation of car owners through field visits. In the future, China tire business will continue to bring more on-site tire driving experience. Please look forward to it

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