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Yunlian Xintong will participate in the 2021 China call center and enterprise communication conference

exhibition location: we should check it regularly. The first end of the equipped square should be perpendicular to the scale on the drop rod. The scale should be 8F Liaoning hall, Shangjing Liaoning Building

Beijing Yunlian Xintong will bring its self-developed products (sbc/soft/video customer service) and proxy products (grip information, trend network) to participate in this exhibition. At that time, new products related to audio and video communication capabilities will be displayed, including why are the prices of end-s testing machines different? DK + access + capability platform can bring flexible and convenient audio and video collections to the majority of partners, and only 80% of the minimum wage in Guangzhou will be paid to employees waiting for work every month. Combined with your business system, it will provide new video solutions for end users, and help you take the lead in entering the era of enterprise communication in the 5g era. Here, we sincerely invite friends from all walks of life to visit and exchange at the booth

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