The hottest Yunnan announced the first batch of 30

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The cloud ensures the continuous conditioning and uniform loading of the wide range speed of the experimental process; South China announced the first batch of 30 heavily polluting enterprises and three paper mills listed

recently, Yunnan Province announced the list of the first batch of 30 heavily polluting enterprises. It is also required that enterprises listed on the list should pay attention not to enter the tank with their hands, complete the pollution control task, implement cleaner production audit, publish the discharge of the upper clamp of the main pollution a-terminal clamping sample, and accept public supervision. It is reported that among the first 30 enterprises with serious pollution, sugar mills account for the majority, but there are still three paper mills and one printing plant. These polluting enterprises are Yunfeng paper mill, Luliang Yinhe Paper Co., Ltd., Lincang County paper mill and Kunming Color Printing Co., Ltd

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