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Yunnan accelerates the promotion of green manufacturing

the guiding opinions of Yunnan Province on promoting green manufacturing in 2013 (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions") was issued recently, which made it clear that the province will accelerate the promotion of green circular low-carbon development and build a resource-saving and environment-friendly industrial system around the development of circular economy, comprehensive utilization of resources, cleaner production and other priorities, Let me show you the device of the testing machine to promote the coordinated development of industrial civilization and ecological civilization

according to the work objectives of the opinions, Yunnan Province will strive to achieve a comprehensive utilization rate of 65% of industrial solid waste in 2013. Among them, the comprehensive utilization rate of fly ash reaches 40%, and the comprehensive utilization rate of smelting waste slag reaches 42%; The reuse rate of industrial water is over 92.5%; The recovery growth rate of major renewable resources reached 7%; 200 industrial enterprises in the province have implemented cleaner production audits, completed cleaner production assessment of 150 enterprises and acceptance of 30 cleaner production qualified enterprises; Study and formulate the index evaluation system of resource-saving and environment-friendly industrial enterprises in the province; Continue to promote industrial circular economy in 40 provincial-level key industrial parks in the province, and improve the construction of Gejiu national industrial solid waste comprehensive utilization demonstration base; Carry out the evaluation of water-saving enterprises, create 10 water-saving enterprises, and continue to promote the construction of phosphogypsum acid pilot production line

in order to promote the development of circular economy in industrial parks, the opinions put forward that Yunnan Province will promote the application of green manufacturing and low-carbon technology; Promote the development of resource recycling industry, develop and apply source reduction, recycling, remanufacturing, zero emission and industrial link technologies. The following mainly introduces the application precautions and correct application of operating procedures of cement press, and promote cleaner production and centralized pollution control. Encourage and support prefectures and cities with good basic work to establish 3-5 eco industrial parks. Preferential support will be given to circular economy related industries and projects with resource advantages and industrial characteristics. At the same time, we will do a good job in the second batch of circular economy pilot demonstration work in the province, and promote the typical mode and technology of circular economy; By formulating and Issuing the opinions on creating resource-saving and environment-friendly industrial enterprises that ensure the synchronous accuracy of transmission, the evaluation index system of resource-saving and environment-friendly industrial enterprises in Yunnan Province, and the acceptance standards and methods of two type enterprises, 20 cleaner production qualified enterprises were selected to start the establishment of two type enterprises

in order to strengthen the comprehensive utilization of resources and obtain the test results and data of elongation, elongation, stress, strain, etc., Yunnan Province will, in combination with the characteristics of the province's resource industry, deeply and carefully study the national preferential policies in the comprehensive utilization of resources, and innovate and issue incentive and support policies to encourage the comprehensive utilization of CO associated minerals, tailings and bulk industrial wastes

on the basis of comprehensively implementing the cleaner production working mechanism of "two certificates, one library and one assessment", Yunnan will carry out the acceptance of cleaner production qualified enterprises in Industrial Enterprises above the provincial scale, focusing on the cleaner production audit and acceptance of cleaner production qualified enterprises in nine plateau lakes, Nanpan River, Niulan River, Jiujiang River Basin and 40 industrial parks at the provincial level

in addition, Yunnan Province will also strengthen the management and supervision of water conservation for large water users such as smelting, thermal power, chemical industry, papermaking and sugar making, guide and urge enterprises with high water consumption and high wastewater discharge to introduce or innovate technical equipment for water treatment and water recycling, implement major technological transformation projects for water treatment, and strengthen the reuse and recycling of reclaimed water. Enterprises in the nine plateau lakes, Nanpan River, Niulan River, Jiujiang River Basin and provincial industrial parks should effectively strengthen the management of industrial water conservation and improve the reuse rate of industrial water

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