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Yunchen Futures: the main force of Shanghai Rubber exchange in the month, rebounded with crude oil

analysis: the spot rubber price in Asia remained almost unchanged on Thursday, but the market trading was active. As the spot rubber price rebounded internationally today driven by the TOCOM market, consumer prices for rubber may continue to rise. Phuket traders said that the rebound was dampened by increasing supply. Chinese tire manufacturers were very active, but only purchased tons of rubber, as higher prices continued to dampen the interest in large-scale procurement. The trader also said that the rebound is expected to be short-lived. Due to the supply of "rubber and plastic material utilization", the first thing researchers need to solve is that the high content of polyether in PPC will cause the material to lose biodegradability. The symposium has been successfully held for 10 sessions, and the situation has continued to improve. At the same time, the weak price of raw oil is also regarded as a negative factor in the rubber market. Shanghai Jiaotong opened low and rose high today. The main contract ru0811 closed 25520 up 615. Technically, ru0811 stood firm at 25000, breaking the 5-day moving average, increasing positions in the session, and the bull main force has a strong willingness to attack. Fundamentals, Tianjiao's inventory "we have played the role of catalyst and the spot price has given great support to the price, and the temporary rebound adjustment of crude oil has not ended. Operationally, the mid line empty single leaves the market, and the short-term is too much.

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